Shop Like You Give a Damn - April's Most Coveted Cork

It’s no secret I happen to love fermented grapes, preferably sipping from a bottle with a swirly straw. Vino has been my homie, is my homie, and will always be. Do ya dig? When I came across this fabulous luxury bag produced by Corx, I fell profoundly in love.

Avo Handbag $250

How could you not? This roomy bag is available in 3 natural tones that would compliment practically any Spring ensemble! You may scratch your head and ask, “Why Cork?!” Here’s the rebuttal from Corx:

Cork, the new leather, is soft, lightweight, water resistant, stain resistant and absolutely gorgeous. Crafted with European quality and style, Corx handbags, backpacks and fashion accessories are made to look beautiful and last for years to come.

Better Than Leather, Corx bags are:

- As durable and supple as leather - Silky-soft to the touch - Easy to clean - Stain and scratch resistant - Water resistant - Lightweight - Impervious to fading - Tolerant to extreme heat - Unique due to the nature of cork - Environmentally friendly - Versatile, they go with everything!

See you next Sustainable Sunday...and by that I mean next week will actually be on Sunday.











Photo courtesy of Ashley Hylbert Photography