Merry Christmas!

Mizzie and I wish you all the best this holiday!
Here's what we're wearing to our holiday festivities today.
I swear we did not coordinate our capelets. :)
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Get To Know Nashville: Rachel & Katie Dodson of Love and Flak

We recently did a Fashion Friday - How to Wear It post with The Lookbook on Love and Flak's Bullet Necklace.  These necklaces ooze cool and you just can't help but think about the history behind them.  Honestly, they're badass and a great gift to give or receive this holiday (hint hint).  Rachel & Katie Dodson are the fab women behind Love and Flak.  They took some time out from working on their new line to answer a few questions for us for this month's Get to Know.
Your style in five words or less: Defiant, Vintage, Romantic, Militant, Bam!

You can never have too many: Books. Reading is escapism. Escape to revisit pleasant experiences and places; Escape to find solace and affirmation; Escape in order to explore new worlds and ways of being. Books can spark creativity and give an interesting perspective to the way we approach our work and life. It's a vacation from the regular rattle and hum of the brain.
You couldn't live without: Hands down: COFFEE

The Moment Love and Flak was born: It's unbelievable what people lose. Our good friend - an avid relic hunter - let us rummage through some of his rare vintage finds. Through the use of a metal detector, he has unearthed a variety of historical artifacts such as bullets, coins, medals, tags and other unimaginable Civil War era relics. We were immediately drawn to the stories behind each piece - a Civil War Saddle Shield, a World War II bullet, even a 19th century pocket watch. Inspired by the variety of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes, we began transforming our favorites in to unreproducible necklaces.
Best Holiday Memory: This year, we pooled our Christmas money and splurged on a Mediterranean cruise; just the two of us. We hit Greece, Israel, Egypt and Italy on a 15-day jaunt. We had an unforgettable trip exploring ancient Athens, the Great Pyramids of Cairo, the religious epicenter Jerusalem and the 'Eternal City' Rome. We felt like two girls on an ah-mazing race around the world.  It was a very Merry Christmas, two months early.
Favorite Designers: Marc Jacobs, Nicholas K, Jason Wu, Charlotte Ronson, Lanvin - designer: Alber Elbaz, YSL - designer: Stefano Pilati

Favorite Hangouts: Coffee: Frothy Monkey; Food: Urban Flatts - Turkey Pear and Brie - To die; Fashion: Gas Lamp - Hate to even spread the word about this amaze little secret; Music: 12th and Porter

Top Three Desert Island CDs: This is a toughy. Prob would change if you asked us next week....however, this week we pick: 3. The Dead Weather - Horehound, 2. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

Inspirations: Alison Mosshart (do you know how hard this girl rocks?), Faith, Humor, Black and White photography, Rock and Punk culture, Ancient history, Each other, Street Fashion, Rad Music, Traveling

Love & Flak Philosophy: "There are no rules....Anything Goes"

Badass, right?  In Nashville, you can find the Love and Flak collection at H. Audrey in the Hill Center and Muse Boutique on West End.  If you're out of state and would like more information, email us and we'll put you in touch with Rachel and Katie.

Nashville Holiday Sales & Events - It's Crunch Time!

With only one week left until the big day, this is your last weekend to get that Christmas shopping finished before panic sets in.  You need to be out shopping local, not reading, so let's get straight to the deals!

12 South:

Local Honey's final Holiday Party in the Linden house is this Friday night!  Mizzie and I were beyond excited to hear the news that Local Honey will be relocating to the Venus and Mars space on Belmont at the beginning of January.


Nashville Clothing - Buy an item from a local designer and get another item 20% off.  All Harambe jewelry is 20% off now through Christmas
East Nashville:
MADE - Look no further than our December Spotlight Store, MADE, for locally made goodness.  There is a treasure trove of fantastic gifts here.  Make sure you are a Stella Subscriber.  We have a 20% off coupon that is valid through December 31.

Goodbuy Girls - Take 30% off your purchase through January 8, 2011, but you need to show this coupon when you check out.

Edgehill Village:

what's-in-store - The 12 Days of Christmas are in full swing!  Every day is another discount.  Check their website or our Boutiques page daily to find out what the deal is.  You can now find recycled and repurposed antique and vintage jewelry from Mimi & Dottie at the Franklin store.
Kumbayah - This holiday pop-up bazaar, located next to whats-in-store, is full of locally-made goods and proceeds benefit a different local charity each day.  Visit whats-in-store online for a full list of retailers and benefiting organizations. 
Sleeveless & Giador - There's no sale here at the moment, but I visited with Kyah and Lindsay last night and I couldn't not mention this store this week.  Ladies, listen up!  This is where you need to be sending your significant others for prezzies.  Whoa!  From the uber-cool Sleeveless cuffs, necklaces, wallets & bags to Giador's beautiful stackable ring collection, gorgeous estate jewelry and now the classic Marvin Watch collection, there is something in everyone's price range here.  Beautiful. 

Ivey - Friday only, take 10% off of your purchase.  Ivey's new location in Edgehill next to Tweed is fantastic and there are tons of great options here to dress up or down.  Plus they carry Prairie*Go*Round knits! 

Franklin/Brentwood/Cool Springs:

Gin-O Boutique - Every day is a different special deal.  Visit Gin-O's Facebook page or our Boutiques page to find out the daily deal! 
Stacey Rhodes Boutique - Select items have been marked down to 75% off!
Green Hills:

Cosmetic Market - Select items are up to 75% off.

Posh - Now through Christmas, buy one pair of denim, get a second pair 25% of. 

Billy Reid - New items marked down to 50% off in store and online plus complimentary shipping and gift wrap on all orders through Dec. 25.

We'll have updates for you all weekend long on Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure you visit our Nashville Boutiques page daily to find out what sales are happening each day.  This is a quick list that's easy to pull up on your iPhone or Droid phone.

Remember Shop Local this season!

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!

What's in the Bag - Abby White Plachy of Her Nashville & Prairie*Go*Round

This month we asked Abby White Plachy, Editor-in-Chief of Her Nashville & the woman behind super cool hand-knits, Prairie*Go*Round, to show us the contents of her handbag.  Mizzie and I are huge fans of Abby's hats, gloves and scarves.  My black & cream stripe arm warmers are my favorite Prairie*Go*Round purchase and I'm currently coveting the Down the Rabbit Hole Scarflette. Now, let's see what in Abby's bag....

When Carla asked me to contribute for "What's in the Bag," I panicked.  My purse is a total disaster area.  Recently, I reached for a lip gloss and found a piece of stale popcorn of unknown origin.  Gross, right? However, since I'd recently shelved my beloved giant white Calvin Klein purse in favor of this brown leather bag from Banana Republic, I'd had the opportunity to clean things out a bit, which kind of felt like scraping out the bottom of the ocean.  Items that I removed include the following:

--a toy mouse (no, I don't have a cat ... it's a long story) --dry shampoo (I actually had two kinds in there, and one made a mess, so now one is in my desk drawer, and one is in my car) --yarn --scissors (just a bad idea, in your purse) --V8 --nail polish and nail polish remover (see above, under "scissors")

How bad could it be?  I dumped my purse out (I tried to do it in an orderly fashion, but my friend Tabitha said I should just dump the whole thing out) and got started.

In the upper right corner of this photo, you'll see my massive make-up bag.  I am a make-up whore.  I don't have an official count, but I'm confident that there are at least seven or eight different eyeliners rolling around in there, and probably twice as many lip products.  You just never know when you might need your matte red lipstick, or, alternately, your sparkly, nude beige gloss.  I like to be prepared, which is why the bag is stuffed with concealers, a few perfume options, mascara, blotting papers, highlighter, moisturizer, Q-tips, pens, etc.  This bag was also cleaned out recently; I got rid of some summer stuff like blotting paper and sunscreen wipes.  Yes, I know we still need those in the winter, but give me a break.  I'd rather have seven options of pinky biege lip gloss on hand.

Just to the left, below the make-up bag, another assortment of lip glosses is scattered, including a sweet pink one from Therapy Systems, the magical Benefit Benetint lip balm (OMG the loveliest stuff ever), a NARS nude gloss, a minty Philosophy gloss, the always flattering Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick (this has been my BFF since eight grade), and another one that I can't identify offhand, which probably means that it needs to go bye-bye.

I also see some eyedrops in that pile, my favorite Prairie*Go*Round glovelettes, an iPod shuffle from the Mesozoic Era, and a broken hairbrush that I tote around for some reason (It's like 99 cents for one of those brushes. You'd think I could buy a new one, especially since it's next to a $20 lip gloss).  Anyway, it's near my checkbook, because I am 83 years old and still carry a checkbook around, some Redken hair wax, a bag of clear hair rubber bands and blonde bobby pins (must-haves), and a pack of green Stride, which is the best gum for long runs, in case you're wondering.  You may also notice that there are not one, but TWO brownies (one is in foil) in my purse right now, which is why I'm big on long runs.  Also, a granola bar that has been in there for an undetermined amount of time.  I'd still eat it.

I'm obsessed with scents.  I put perfume on all day, so if you hate that stuff, we're probably not going to be friends.  I spy two Lush solid perfumes—one in Lust, and one in Vanillary—and a Smoked Amber perfume from Anthropologie.  It makes you smell like you are in a fire, but in that totally sexy way.  Ooh!  And there's my custom perfume from Body Chemistri in Chicago--it's a one-of-a-kind blend of my favorite scents: Lily of the Valley, Amber, Vanilla, Smoke and Musk. I lovelovelove it. I think I see my tiny Lollia hand creme under that rubble, too.  And nearby is the one thing I will NEVER go anywhere without ... not my wallet (also pictured, and it is falling apart because I put weird things like paint samples and things I tear out of magazines in my wallet), not my phone (which looks like it needs to be disinfected from this angle ... I swear my phone is usually not that funky), but my ROSEBUD SALVE.  Obsessed.  It's like the MacGyver of product, but I favor it for—what else??—lip gloss. And eyebrow tamer. You can also use it for diaper rash, if you or someone you love has a problem with that.

There are at least two anti-bac products rolling around in my purse, including a candy corn option and another kind that won't make you smell like a five-year-old.  I also keep a lot of band-aids on hand, which is ironic, because I'm allergic to band-aids (for real. They give me a rash, except for on my feet. Weird, right?), but I always seem to find myself in situations in which someone really needs a band-aid, so I get to be the hero!!

I see a pile of business cards—some for Her Nashville, some for Prairie*Go*Round, and one fake business card that my mom and stepdad use when they are on vacation because they like to mess with people—and my keys (complete with multiple swipe cards, most of which have been chewed on by my giant pet rabbit).  I also possess an embarrassingly large pile of rewards cards for everything from Sweet CeCe's to Bliss Yarns in Brentwood.  Oh, and there's my water bill ... I should probably pay that.

Thank you for reading. I sincerely hope your purse—and your life—is more in order than mine!

Thanks Abby!  You've made me feel a lot better about the contents of my bag.  :)

Prairie*Go*Round scarves, gloves and hats make fantastic gifts and you can find them at Abby's Etsy shop and locally at Stella faves MADE, Ivey and Nashville Clothing Company.

Twelve Days of Christmas Outfits

With all the holiday parties and shopping trips in our futures we thought that it would be fun this holiday season to post twelve outfits inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas.  You can sing along each day if you like, but that is totally up to you and possibly the people around you. : )

1. Jamie and the Jones - The Brown Dress
2.  Sleeveless -  Hook Bracelet 
3.  Butter London - La Moss
4.  Modern Cowgirl - Luck be a Lady Ring Set
5.  House of Harlow Jewelry - Available at Posh

Happy Holidays,

Shop Local: Nashville Boutique Holiday Sales

Christmas is only two weeks away (yikes!), so if you haven't started your shopping yet, this is your weekend.  Here's our list of this week's sales and deals that will hopefully make your decision to shop local a little easier...

This Saturday is Nashville Clothing Company's Santa Sale at both the Gulch and Cool Springs locations. Everything will be on sale and the Gulch location will have live music.  All Harambe beaded jewelry is 20% off through Christmas.  Proceeds from these beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings go to eXile international who provide art therapy to war-affected children in Africa and advocate for them around the world.

East Nashville:

More than half of my holiday shopping is finished thanks to MADE.  Our December Spotlight Store is a mecca for locally-made art, clothing, accessories, vintage apparel and tons more.   Through Sunday, handmade pillows are 20% off.  Make sure you're a Stella email subscriber!  We have a special coupon valid through December 31.

Edgehill Village:

whats in store's Dickens of a Christmas Sale starts Saturday at the Edgehill and Franklin stores!  Check out these deals...

After you're finished shopping at whats-in-store in Edgehill, stop by Kumbayah  right next door.  This holiday pop-up bazaar is full of locally-made goodies and proceeds benefit a different local charity each day.  Visit whats-in-store online for a full list of retailers and benefiting organizations. 

Green Hills/Hill Center:

The Cotton Mill in Grace's Plaza has sale items all around the store, so while you check out the latest collection of Milly that just hit the store, you can score some great deals too.

Now through Christmas at Posh, buy one pair of denim and get the second pair 25% off.  Did you know they now carry Nicole Richie's House of Harlow jewelry line.  I'm loving these rings right now.

House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie

When you're finished at Posh, run across the street to Billy Reid.  Their Holiday Sale is happening now and select styles in store and online are up to 50% off.  Some gorgeous pieces are on sale, so this is definitely worth a look!

Have you been to Two Elle lately?   There is still a great sale going on, but what's even better is all the new merchandise!  Some super gifts can be found here and make sure you check out the Jedidiah tees, like the Owl shirt shown on the mannequin.  Jedidiah has partnered with Invisible Children and proceeds from the sale of these tees (there are several designs) go toward raising money for their Female University Scholarship Fund.

Don't leave the Hill Center without stopping by Monkee's to check out all of their great shoes, boots, accessories and stocking stuffers!  Plus there are still some shoe and apparel markdowns.

This is one holiday party you'll definitely want to work into your schedule next week. 

I hope you find everything you're looking for this weekend and more!  We'll make sure we keep you updated on all of the sales and cool merchandise we find.  Be sure to regularly check our Nashville Boutiques page for a quick list of all the sales.  We're updating this page daily through the holidays!

Happy Shopping!

Shop Like You Give a Damn – A Fashionably Vegan Blog: Naughty or Nice?

As someone who teeters a tad on Santa’s naughty list…ahem…NO COMMENT, I still feel swell because most of my choices are worthy of a gold star. So what if my late night debauchery concludes with many a wine bottle as a casualty?  Who cares if my priorities may need to be aligned every now and then?  Shall I afford groceries this week or that snappy little Charlotte Ronson frock from Two Elle?  I did NOT eat the last vegan red velvet cupcake. Chico did it.

I suppose living guilt-free will never really happen as vices small and large will always be the hurdles you face in life.  However, living cruelty-free is more attainable than you can even imagine.
Holiday Cards ($10) available at!
Whether you are currently vegan or not, I have hand picked some FABULOUS stocking stuffers to get you through the holidays.  These will certainly put a smile on the faces of not only your loved ones but also countless animals that you saved from being slaughtered for frivolous fashion, experimented on for vanity, and abused senselessly.

Get to know the issues and vow to ensure that all creatures have a Happy Holiday season!

Tata Harper’s Eco-friendly and toxin-free beauty products are all hand-made in Vermont and with a recent feature in Vogue, this collection will likely be a household name before long!  May I suggest the Starter Kit for you or yours?  Luxury for just $65!

Tom’s One for One mission which gives a child in a need a pair of Toms for each pair that you purchase has always led the compassionate way.  Their vegan collection is a notable movement in itself!  Snatch up a pair of the Love Is The New Black Men’s Classics for your fella and at $54, you can afford a matching pair for yourself!
Chico and Bellini are always at the top of my list, so I make sure to stock up on Max & Ruffy's vegan dog treats ($6.50-$9.50)!  These delectable dog charmers are made from scratch in Virginia using the finest, organic, and human-grade ingredients.  Chico approves of the Molasses Explosion flavor while Bellini prefers the W.P. Pizza.  You may choose from 6 hearty flavors that are available in mini bites or regular!
Luxury With A Conscience is the tagline for the self-titled company that gorgeous model Josie Maran founded in 2005.  I am personally addicted to the Magic Marker Lip + Cheek Stain ($19) and couldn’t imagine life without the Argan Oil Hair Serum ($30).  This anti-frizz treatment creates exceptional shine and is never greasy!
Seeking exquisite treats for grown-up palates? Allison’s Gourmet decadent cookies, brownies, caramels, chocolates, fudge, and toffee have been a delicious reason to be jolly this time of year.  Treat your boss, neighbor, or family to the Chocolate Lovers Gift Set ($45) and sign yourself up for the Cookie Of The Month Club which includes a dozen of their finest for $32 each month!  Sign me up. NOW.
Coined as the “Vivienne Westwood of eco” by Elle Magazine, Linda Loudermilk gets me giddy.  The Lily Top ($165) would make the perfect present for your bestie while the Wings dress ($225) is smashing for all of those holiday shindigs.  She can always borrow it, right?
Books always make the best gifts so try to make it by Davis-Kidd before they close up for good to pick these titles up!  These are my suggestions for some of the most interesting and informative that get the vegan stamp of approval!  Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron will enlighten.  The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone will inspire.  The Skinny Bitch series will make you howl out loud in laughter and bring awareness to a whole new level.  Trust me.  After reading this, I became a vegan.
Can’t forget the kiddies! Teaching kindness and values are what parents are for, so consider this adorable Animals Are My Friends tee for the little person in your life ($15).  Pair it with 100% organic cotton denim trousers from La Queue du Chat ($45) and this prodigy can take strides to change the world!
Lastly, I have already hinted that Green Wagon gift certificates are on my most wanted list to my circle of friends.  What could possibly be better than using them towards gallons of Booch Kombucha ($26), Purely Clear makeup brushes ($10-$20), and all of those delightfully GREEN workshops they offer?  I can’t think of anything, can you?

Happy Holidays!

XO, Marcia, Chico, and Bellini too!

Trend - How to Wear the Camel Coat Winter 2010

“Camel looks indulgent like winter white, but has the pragmatism of gray and black. It’s the best of both worlds. ... A camel coat evokes throwaway glamour,” says Michael Kors.

Trend: Camel Coat
Designers: Alexander Wang, Chloe, Dries Van Noten
Where it with: Denim, Gray, Black, Stripes

The Camel Coat is more than a trend it's a wardrobe staple and has been for years.  Check out this ad for a pure camel hair coat from a 1930's newspaper......

I would wear this today wouldn't you?  Yum! A true classic!  And I agree with Michael Kors.  Every time I see someone, man or woman, in a camel coat I think they look very put together and well off.  The Camel Coat really can be worn in any style from disheveled rock chic like Kate Moss to the sophisticated nautical look of the far right photo. When shopping for your Camel Coat think texture and what fabric is best for your climate and body shape.  

To be honest with you, I don't own anything that is camel colored, but after researching this post, I am going to be on the look out for my new neutral, camel. 

Photo Credits: (l to r),,,

Stella Spotlight: Nashville Boutique - MADE

If you're on my holiday gift list this year, chances are good you'll be receiving a gift from East Nashville's newest boutique, MADE.  This shop is truly a Stella dream.  It's super affordable and stuffed to the ceiling with tons of goodies made by local crafters, artists and some of our favorite designers like Amanda Valentine, Shea Steele and Shannon Lea. Our photog, Jessica McIntosh, said it best, MADE is like a real-life local Etsy.

Ashley Sheehan, owner of MADE, stocks the store with an assortment of art, housewares and jewelry, some of which is made by her, as well as a well-edited collection of vintage apparel for men and women.  She can even paint a portrait of your favorite pet in a suite.  This is one very busy lady!  Ashley graciously took some time out of her afternoon to tell us more about MADE.

What is your concept for MADE? I want Made to be a very accessible shop for both the customers, the crafters and artists. A laid back spot where you can find one of a kind gifts that were made right here in the ‘hood.

Describe the vibe of the store in five words or less. Quaint, cute and charming.

If MADE had a mascot who or what would it be? It would have to be a fawn, sweet and a bit mysterious. Deer have always inspired me.
Some of your own handiwork can be found around the store.  What goodies in the shop are 'made' by you? I have been embroidering a lot lately so the men's ties, the colorful embroidered necklaces, the pillows, the collage art, including animals in suits, along with other random pieces throughout the shop.

There are some fabulous gift items in the store.  What are some of your favorites? I love the candles from Alchemy of Sol, the handmade shirts by Shannon Lea’s People Like Art, Amanda Valentine's altered vintage dresses, the feather hair flair by Emily of Craftville, the totes and prints from Pine Street Makery, wow I just keep going…

Is everything in the store sourced from Tennessee? 95% of all the creations are made right here in TN.
What are five of your favorite places in Nashville? Southern Thrift, Gas Lamp, Silly Goose, Ugly Mugs, and Pre to Post Modern.

What inspires you? Grey Gardens (the documentary), anything from the 60’s, people doing good for others (a trait I have watched my parents carry out through the years), outsider art, vintage children’s books, great magazines like Lula,my favorite bands like Belle and Sebastian and the Magnetic Fields, my friends and sisters, the little things in life like a great laugh with great friends…

Visit MADE this Saturday, December 4 on the East Nashville Holiday Vintage Boutique Crawl.  Select items will be 20% off.  Make sure you receive Stella in your Inbox.  We have a coupon this month good for 20% off your purchase of $20 or more.


717 Porter (Portland & Eastland in East Nashville)
Wed-Fri, Sun 11 am - 5 pm
Sat 11 am - 6 pm

For more photos from our MADE shoot, visit the Stella Facebook page. Photos by Jessica Rai Photography.

Boutique Holiday Open Houses - Jump Start Your Shopping & Enjoy Special Deals

The boutique Open House could be the perfect way to shop.  There is always bubbly.  There are always sweet treats.  And there is always a special discount.  What's not to love?  You get to go to a party and shop.  This weekend there are a slew of Open Houses, so you should count on being very busy Thursday through Sunday.  You're not going to want to miss any of these. 

Mizzie and I love McGowan & McLain's jewelry.  You'll definitely want to see what they bring to Nest.  

Don't forget your donation!  Items being collected are listed in the invitation.

Rumours on 12 South is hosting their Annual Holiday aRT Open House Saturday from 2-6pm.  Locally-made goodies, including scarves, gloves and hats from one of our faves, Prairie*Go*Round, will be available for purchase and of course, there will be delicious treats and bubbly too.
This one's going to be amazing. If you have plans for Saturday, that don't include this boutique crawl, change them.  This is the only place you should be.
Mizzie is sad to be missing this one.  We both love Baby Bear Shop products and of course, the Green Wagon.  If you know of any expecting mamas, let them know about Sunday's Organic Baby Shower.

While you're at Edgehill Village this week, stop by Kumbayah next to what's-in-store.  "Kumbayah" or "Come by Here" is a holiday pop-up bazaar created by what's-in-store owner, Dena Ferrell Nance.  You can find locally-made goodies here and proceeds benefit a different local charity each day.  You can learn more about the retailers and see the list of benefiting organizations on Kumbayah's Facebook page or at
You have a busy weekend ahead of you.  Make sure you visit our Boutiques page daily for sale updates.  Have fun and happy shopping!

Lexus Nashville Fashion Week – Celebrating Creativity & Community

It's official!  Lexus Nashville Fashion Week will be held March 29-April 2, 2011.  Mizzie and I are absolutely thrilled.  There is an abundance of incredible design talent here who have largely flown under the radar.  Finally, they're starting to get the attention they deserve.  Did you see the November issue of Nylon Magazine?  Nashville Fashion Week is the frosting (chocolate ganache, please) on what is already a delicious cake.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the newly established Nashville Fashion Forward Fund.  This fund, administered by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, will be awarded annually to advance the career of select local talent with demonstrated experience in a fashion-related field.
For more information, check out the Nashville Fashion Week website and make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get all the latest updates.  

We'll have updates for you too, so stay tuned!  This is going to be a lot of fun.

The Lookbook's Fashion Friday - How To Wear It: Love & Flak Bullet Necklace

This week's Lookbook Fashion Friday item is Love & Flak's bullet necklace.  I'm obsessed with these vintage necklaces made from old bullets (the one featured is from WWII), Civil War finds and other military inspired pieces.

Here's how Sierra from the Lookbook and Mizzie styled it.

You can find Love & Flak's pieces in Nashville at Muse Boutique on West End.  How would you wear the bullet necklace?  Let us know!