Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Dyeing a sweater

Happy New Year!!!! And welcome to the first Mizzie Modifies of 2010.  We are so living in the future.

This one is simple and sweet.  You will see that it is not a massive modify just a mini one, but for me the mini change makes a massive difference in how I view this sweater.

I purchased this lovely little sweater at a sample sale in London about two years ago.  I think I have worn it only once since then and  had to force myself to walk out of the house in it to justify the purchase.  The pretty thing just hung in my closet hoping for a chance to see the sun, but every time I took it out to wear it I felt like it was a bit too girly and feminine for me.  So guess what?  I decided to use my most reliable method of giving life to lifeless clothing, Rit Liquid Dye.  I can't live without this stuff.  

Step One:  Find a sweater that you want to change the color.  

Step Two:  Buy some Rit Liquid Dye.  I used black for this one.  Keep in mind you cannot lighten a garment with the dye unless you bleach it first.  Also if you have a bleached spot on a garment dyeing it will not fix it.  The bleached spot will still be lighter that the rest of the fabric once dyed.
Step Three:  Dye your item by following the directions on the bottle of Rit Liquid Dye.  I use the washing machine method.  It seems to be the least messy and easiest to clean up.   I usually run the machine with bleach after dyeing to clean the drum and make sure no left over dye discolors my precious clothes in my next load of laundry. 

Tip: Wear rubber gloves if your hands even go near the dye.  I once disregarded this helpful advice and had black cuticles for days.  So not sexy.

Step Four:  Pick out a fabulous new outfit to wear your freshly dyed item with, take a photo, and send it to me.  I would love to post some of your Modified items on the blog. Here's mine.  I wear this sweater all the time now. Even though it is thin it is made of wool and keeps me snuggly warm.
White Vintage necklace, Closet Case Vintage;Sequin top, Forever 21; Boyfriend Jeans, Citizens of Humanity (bought at a charity sale in Nashville);  Shoes, Prada