Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Oversized Business Blouse, Nip/Tuck

Once upon a time when I was forced to remodel my house by a pesky little pipe that burst in an upstairs bathroom I had a small mental break down.  In the middle of that break down I had the brilliant idea that I would be become a vintage clothes sellar on ebay.  I marched myself down to the local thrift store, picked out a few vintagy things and I even took photos of my self styled in the newly purchased old items.  Before I could upload them on ebay my mental break down passed and I got wrapped up in finishing my house and realized it  was not my destiny to run the next wickedly cool ebay vintage store.  Those poor rescued items sat in a shopping bag in my closet for about 2 years and now I am modifying one of them to justify purchasing them and bring some closure to the never realized ebay store dream. 
Today's modify is the nip and tuck of an oversized rayon 80's business blouse.

Step One: I used a blouse I found at a thrift store for this one, but you could use something you already own that you don't like the shape of or have inherited but it's too big.

Step Two: You need a body form or another person to help you tuck and pin the garment where you want it smaller.  I pinned this one using a body form.  Another option is to take the blouse to your local seamstress and explain to her what you would like done. 
Step Three:  Sew the pleats.  I used a sewing machine.  I don't recommend hand stitching as it would take awhile and who has that kind of time? Right?

Step Four: Pair your new shirt with some Vivienne Westwoodesque trousers, or the real deal if you have them.  These are some trousers I bought at the same thrift store and then tapered the leg.  
Pink Blouse: Thrift store, Gold Necklace: Closet Case Vintage, Plaid Pants: Thrift Store. Gold Heels: Nine West
Happy modifying!  And please send me photos of your finished projects. I would love to see your handy work.