Stella Loves - Alchemy of Sol Bar Soap

Oprah has her favorite things and so do we!  Every other week,  Mizzie and I will feature products we love and want you to know more about.  We hope you try them out for yourself and let us know what you think.

I have a little obsession going on with this week's product, which is why it's our first "Stella Loves" post.  For a long time, bar soap got a bad rap, and deservedly so.  Most mass-market soaps are too heavily scented and leave a gross, filmy residue on your skin that actually makes you feel less clean.  Lush bar soap changed my mind nearly ten years ago.  Their soaps did all the things my shower gels were doing, but they were natural, long lasting and their scents had depth to them but weren't overpowering (which is funny considering if you've ever been in or near a Lush store, you can literally smell the store from at least a block away.)  But without a store close to where I lived, it meant any time I (or my friends) traveled to a city with a Lush, copious amounts of soap had to be purchased.  I thought surely I could find something just as good that was more accessible to me.

This led me to the Green Wagon and a bar of Alchemy of Sol Calendula Tea Tree soap.  Alchemy of Sol is based locally in Smyrna, Tenn. and they source many of their ingredients from local farmers and producers.  You can read all about their soap making process and philosophy on their website.  

I have sensitive skin, so I usually don't use bar soap on my face, but I thought I would give this a try since Tea Tree Oil is good for your skin and Calendula has an anti-inflammatory property.  Amazing!  My occasional red splotches and stray breakouts are practically non-existent when I use this soap.  It has quickly made it into my regular rotation of morning cleansers.

Another must have is the Buttermilk Honey Almond.  This soap smells amazing, is moisturizing and feels like you're wrapping yourself in a nice, warm, almond blanket.  Yum.
The Renaissance Rosewood with Lavender & Oats is also moisturizing and the hint of lavender makes this a nice, relaxing soap for the end of the day.
And if spicy is your thing, definitely go for Rococo.  Its smells exactly like my old (and discontinued) Lush favorite, "Bob."  It's a spicy/sweet mixture of clove, cinnamon, patchouli and citrus.  It's the perfect soap to warm you up on a cold winter day.
If you live in Nashville, you can find Alchemy of Sol soap at both Green Wagon locations, The Turnip Truck, Produce Place and Whole Foods Body.  If you're outside Nashville, you can order directly from Alchemy of Sol's website,
We can't wait to hear which bars end up being your favorites!
*All photos from Alchemy of Sol.