Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Studded Shoes

This season is full of studs.  Not the kind you see coming out of the sea wearing the modern Speedo, muscles glistening in the sun...... Oh sorry got a little side tracked..No, I mean the metal studs we are seeing stuck all over beautiful, make me want to wear heels everyday shoes.  Studs are making a comeback so get out those jeans you bedazzled for that N'Sync concert and recycle those studs by adding them to your favorite plain heel or bootie.
Step One: Choose shoes and make sure they are clean, free of dirt and oils. These are the shoes I chose to stud.  They are Apepazza from Posh. P.S. They are super comfy for a pair of heels.
Step Two:  Get you some metal studs.  I used these from Michael's. Because of the cork platform on my shoe, I was able to push these bad boys in there, but if your sole is solid then try looking for Hot Fix nailhead, pearls, or rhinestuds.  These come in different colors and sizes so be creative.

Step Three:  Place studs on shoes.  On the leather I just folded the pins to hold the studs secure.  On the cork platform I put a small amount of super glue on each stud then pressed them into the cork using the back of a spoon.  

Step Four:  Wear your fabulous new studded shoes and just wait for the compliments.  You won't have to wait long. I was hearing "I really like your shoes, especially the studs" literally within an hour of wearing them out of my house.   

Tip: I recommend walking around the house in them for a bit to make sure your studs are secure.  

As always please send me photos of modify projects you have done.  I would love to post them.