Stella Loves - Bathos Wife of Bath Facial Wash

In our first Stella Loves post, I told you all about my now not-so-secret obsession with Alchemy of Sol soaps.  This week, I have another skincare secret to tell you about.  This one also grew out of a need to replace a Lush product I had been purchasing out of town for years.  I loved what Angels on Bare Skin did for my skin and I loved the price, but like their soap, I was tired of always needing to buy it when I was out of town.  

Finally, I found Bathos on Main Street in Franklin.  Bathos is like a mini Lush.  Colorful bath bombs sit in bins along the wall.  Delicately scented soaps are cut like blocks of cheese on the tables.  Fresh masks sit in the cooler in the back looking good enough to eat.  Can you tell I immediately feel at home here?  This is where I found Wife of Bath Facial Wash (or Remedy Scrub).  The formulation of Wife of Bath seems very similar to Angels on Bare Skin.  The almond smell is stronger in Wife of Bath which I really love, and the consistency is a little less crumbly than Angels.

This is still a messy scrub, however.  It's kaolin clay based, which gives it the crumbly factor, and it has lavender buds in it which tend to get everywhere.  If you can get past all that, I promise you, you will love this scrub.  It's gentle enough for daily use, but I only use it in the morning.  It's not powerful enough to take all my makeup off at the end of the day.  The directions say to use a teaspoon size piece, but I usually use the size of a marble or a bit less.  Start with a small amount, put a little water in your hand with the scrub, work it into a paste and rub it on your face.  It's okay if you use too much water and it gets runny.  You can use it like that or add more scrub until you get the consistency you want.  Like I said, this is messy stuff.  

Wife of Bath works great as a mask too.  We all have days when our skin feels blah, and these are the days I like to use it as a mask.  You want the consistency to be paste-like for this, so I end up using more than a marble size.  I leave it on my skin for just a couple minutes, but if it was a particularly long weekend or my skin seems dryer than normal, I might leave it on for about 20 minutes or so.

The combination of Wife of Bath and the Calendula Tea Tree soap has left my sensitive skin feeling smooth, hydrated and practically blemish free.  And the price of Wife is very comparable to Angels, so it's still extremely affordable. 

This much scrub...
only costs this much!
Using this every morning, this batch should last me close to two months.  Since I switch off between it and the Calendula Tea Tree soap, it usually lasts longer than that. 

Most products at Bathos are priced by the pound, so you can buy as little or as much as you like.  If you live in the US, you can purchase directly from Bathos online and if you're in the Nashville/Franklin area, visit their store at 416 Main Street in Franklin.  Sorry international readers, Bathos doesn't ship outside of the US yet.  But if you live in the UK, and sweet talk Mizzie, I bet you can get her to bring some back for you.

I hope you enjoy Wife of Bath as much as I do.  If you try it, please let me know what you think and if you've seen any changes in your complexion.