Not Your Mama's Skin Care Regimen

As Mizzie and I were doing research for our February Stella Spotlight store, The Cosmetic Market, we came across Therapy Systems, a line of makeup and skincare that was created right here in Nashville.  Since we're always on the quest for new skincare products, we started asking around to see if any of our friends used Therapy Systems.  As luck would have it, a colleague and friend of Mizzie's who is also a professional make-up artist/ professional dancer has used their products for years and was happy to share with us what she uses and what she loves.  Here's what Lindsay had to say...
As a self-professed cosmetic junkie, I am forever searching for the "holy grail" of all things beauty related.  I was introduced to the Therapy Systems line about eight years ago when I worked as a makeup artist at Private Edition and have been hooked ever since.  It has all the wonderful skincare basics you expect from a top-notch line (my faves are the Amazingly Gentle Scrub and the Oil Free Moisturizer), but the real standouts are the anti-aging products.  They have a plethora of active exfoliators, including glycolic and retinal based products, for every skin type and texture preference imaginable.  The important factor here is not simply that the ingredients are great, but HOW MUCH of them are in the products.  Therapy Systems provides a highly effective level of these powerhouse ingredients without having a prescription (faves include Glycolic Formula 15% and Retinal Cellular Treatment Cream/PM).  For the prevention of that nasty wrinkle monster, they have some incredible serums and moisturizers with the latest buzz-worthy antioxidants (check out Super Anitoxidant Facial Treatment and Coffee Bean Antioxidant Serum).  Yummy textures, pleasant scents and a killer rewards program (double sticker Tuesdays...HELLO!) add to the obsession.  This is not your mama's skin-care regimen.  Pricey?  Okay, I'll give...but the holy grail doesn't come cheap!
It's probably a good thing I didn't read Lindsay's review before I made my first Therapy Systems purchase.  I'm sure I would've walked out with way more than just one product.  I ended up trying the Energetic Enzyme Peel, since Heather from The Cosmetic Market talked about the Enzyme Peel and the Amazingly Gentle Wash in our Spotlight blog.  My friend Janice decided to join the experiment as well, and she purchased the Amazingly Gentle Wash.  She's been using it at night and her skin has felt clean and refreshed and she's loving the fresh scent and cool feel from the grapefruit and trace of peppermint.  This gentle exfoliant hasn't irritated her rosacea and she hasn't had any of the breakouts she usually has when switching to a new product.  
I've had a similar experience with the Energetic Enzyme Peel.  Heather is right.  This product is like a facial in a jar and your skin does feel as soft as a baby's.  It's light, smells nice and only takes a few minutes to make a noticeable difference.
Based on Lindsay's and Janice's reviews and Heather's recommendation, I think the Amazingly Gentle Wash and the Oil Free Moisturizer are next on my list!  Thanks ladies!!
Lindsay is right about the killer rewards program.  When you purchase a Therapy Systems product, you receive a membership card and one sticker for each product you purchase.  When you have 12 stickers, your 13th Therapy Systems product is free (up to a $68 value). The last Tuesday of the month is double sticker day, which means you get two stickers for each qualifying product you purchase.  So if you purchased your products on the last Tuesday of the month, you would end up only needing to buy six products to get your freebie!
To sweeten the deal, you can use your Stella Special Deal coupon on your Therapy Systems purchases through March 15.  The coupon is valid on Therapy Systems purchases made in-store or online at The Cosmetic Market only.
Are you using or have you used any of the Therapy Systems products?  Let us know!  We'd love to hear what products are your favorites.