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Chances are you've seen or even purchased a whats-in-store jewelry piece without even knowing it.  Dena Ferrell Nance has designed gorgeous pieces that have walked the red carpet, gone down the aisle and even landed themselves in stores like Anthropologie.  Pretty impressive for a small retail store that has been an anchor on Main Street in Franklin, Tenn. for nearly ten years.  whats-in-store is the first boutique I heard about when I moved to Nashville.  I was told this was the place to shop if I was looking for affordable and on-trend accessories.  That was six years ago, and I still couldn't agree more.

Mizzie and I met with Dena a few weeks ago and she shared some of the whats-in-store Spring line with us.  You'll see a couple pieces in the photos below.  In a word...bananas!    

What was the original concept of whats-in-store and how has it evolved?
From the beginning, whats-in-store has been a dynamic outlet for affordable accessories that help each of us communicate our personalities and moods.  What we wear tells the story of what is on the inside.  To me, trends in fashion are ever-changing and they mirror the ever-changing dynamic of women's lives.

How does the Edgehill Village store differ from the Franklin store?
Edgehill is called our "design studio" because it has a focused mission on meeting the customized needs of each individual customer or store buyer.  There we try to showcase a little of what we do, but really open the doors of possibility to people who want to be involved in the creative process of designing jewelry.  The Franklin store is a more complete reflection on how I see a season's best trends come together.  No matter where you shop, we offer a very unique blend of talent, experience and creativity.

What are some of the big accessory trends we will see this Spring?
Versatility is important, so neutral hues are starting out the Spring season.  There are lots of florals, filigree designs and a greater importance on silver and greys.  Hot colors include corals, pinks, purples and blues, with  my favorite color, yellow, showing up in a wide variety of shades.  Stacked bangles are still on cue, with tassle earrings, chunky necklaces and artsy cocktail rings also sharing the spotlight.  For those who loved the trend a few years back, ribbon tie necklaces are a big hit this season as well.

What are some of your favorite pieces that you carry in the store right now?
I always love matte finishes on silver and gold jewelry.  There is something very soft and clean about matte metals.  Almost every day I wear one of our adjustable cocktail rings.  They are practical and fun.
Mizzie and I absolutely love the two Spring necklaces you showed us.  How would you recommend someone wear them?
These should just be worn with confidence.  They can pair with simple tank tops as a casual statement, but can also lay over floral prints for a really modern-vintage look.  These "wow" pieces are items that you'll never throw out, because they are truly unique.  Imagine finding them in an antique store years in the future!
What is your favorite or most special accessory?
Although I don't wear it every day, my grandmother's diamond necklace is the most special item of jewelry I own.  She had a diamond from a ring set as a pendant for me when I graduated high school.  Way before layering necklaces was stylish, she encouraged me to mix fun costume jewelry with that special classic.  I guess she was my "stylist" even then.
Is there a piece you've created for someone that you're most proud of?
I am most proud of the items that have really made a difference in the lives of others.  Designs that have originated to support charitable organizations have really had an amazing impact, both through monies raised and the positive message that those items of jewelry convey.
You've accessorized some of Nashville's best dressed celebrities.  Can you tell us who some of your celebrity clientele are?  
We have been fortunate to have such vast exposure to the entertainment industry.  From Taylor Swift to Nicole Kidman, Naomi Judd to Jewel, many beautiful women and men have supported me.
List five of your favorite places in Nashville.
1. The Frist - look for an amazing fashion exhibit this fall!!
2. Any place serving sushi
3. The Scarritt Bennett Center at Vanderbilt
4. The pool at my condo at the Rhythm
5. Edgehill Village of course!
What inspires you?
People.  Even when I experience art, color, nature and music, it is ultimately the passion of individuals that are a part of each that gives me inspiration and enjoyment.  The uniqueness of those around us is wild...diversity truly exists in the mind, not just the appearance.
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Edgehill Village Design Studio
1200 Villa Place
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