Trend - The Biker Short

We've been seeing this trend peak out at us from beneath skirts and shorts for a couple of seasons now and I have a feeling it might actually hit the high streets this spring/summer.  So  put your aversion to the 80's away and welcome the biker short into your life.  

Personally this tiny trend is growing on me or should I say shrinking on me?  I am preparing, in the name of being green and frugal, to cut off some of my lesser worn leggings and creating some DIY biker shorts to wear under my skirts, dresses and jean shorts this summer.  Fingers crossed the sun will grace us with some warmth soon so I can debut my new look. 

Here's how they're being worn on the runway by DKNY, Alex Wang, Prada and Louis Vuitton.
Here's how they're being worn in real life.

I'm adding lace trimmed biker shorts, like the ones worn by Alexa Chung, to my spring wardrobe wish list.  Please let the sun shine in!

Ok so you have seen the look, what do you think?  Are biker shorts going to roll their way into your closet anytime soon?  Let me know, comment below.