Trend - Sheer Skirts and Leggings

I think we can all agree that leggings are a staple wardrobe item and will be for at least a few more seasons.  Thank goodness!!!  I love my leggings and am not sure how I lived with out them for so long.  Now, what I am not sure we can agree on is the sheer legging or shants as they are sometimes called.  That is just a gross name that makes think of shart which is not something I particularly want to think of in regards to something I might wear, especially something sheer.  There, I said it and I feel better after getting that out.  These loose long leggings are made of a sheer fabric and usually worn under a longer top and have been spotted on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Prada and Charlotte Ronson.  My fav's are the Marc Jacobs leggings.  The pale spring colors and layered tops just say spring to me with out being too flouncy or girlie.  
The sheer skirts on the other I just can't get behind.  I have yet to see it done in a way that feels anything other than a skirt made out of leftover tulle from the craft closet. The verdict is still out on these for me.  What do you think?  Are you a fan of the Olsen's sheer skirts?  Would you wear one?  Have you worn one?  Let me know.  Comment below.