Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Cropped Jacket

This is one of my favorite modifies and so super duper easy
Step One:  Find a jacket in your closet, your local charity shop, ebay -  you get the idea.  I recommend looking for one made of a nice fabric wool blend or linen and that has an interesting pattern and nice buttons. 

Step Two: Measure the length you want your cropped jacket.  I used a jacket I already owned that I like the way it fit and used that as guide.

Step Three: Cut your jacket.  Now this part I admit is a little scary but be brave, be bold and be careful. Make sure you cut in a nice clean straight line. 

Step Five: Feel free to leave the edges raw or if you are feeling ambitious go ahead and hem the bottom and the sleeves.  I just folded up the sleeves for a casual look and left the bottom edge raw.  

Dress: Vivienne Westwood, Shirt: Nolita NYC, Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Step Six: This is my favorite step.  Find something fantastic to wear your new jacket with, I have actually worn mine three days in a row.  Seriously,  it goes with everything! 

Mizzie Modifies Bonus

The buttons that came on the jacket are really cool metal military style buttons and I hated to see them just sit in a tin in my closet.  I remembered I had been looking for buttons about the same size for a jacket I recently purchased while on tour in Manchester and decided to see if these buttons would work.

As luck would have it the buttons from my new jacket fit perfectly on the jacket that needed new buttons.  I love when things work out like that!  Makes me feel very green.

There you go, two modifies out of one.  Bargain! 

Happy modifying,