Moroccan Oil - Hair Nirvana?

For well over a year now, I keep reading product reviews about the wonders of Moroccan Oil products.  And lately, I've seen glowing reviews for the use of these products on curly hair, but I'm usually a little weary of those kinds of reviews.  I've tried more products than I care to mention in an effort to tame my curls.  Most just haven't worked, but now I switch off between a couple of Bumble & Bumble products.  I'm happy with those, so that should be enough right?

WRONG!  I'm a sucker for packaging and that amber bottle with the cool sky blue label just looks so luxurious and inviting.  I swear it's begging me to try it.  Mizzie and I have stopped at the display in the Cosmetic Market several times and both walked away not quite sure if we were ready to take the Moroccan Oil plunge.

Does the road to silky, shiny, beautiful hair start with this amber bottle?  Well dear readers, this is where you come in.  Have you tried Moroccan Oil products?  If so, please comment below and let us know which product or products you've tried and what you like or dislike about them. 

We posed those same questions to several of our Stella friends to see if any of them have tried Moroccan Oil products.  I should've known they have, because all of their hair is pretty darn awesome.

Dena Nance, whats-in-store 
I have tried the Original Oil.  You have to use a minute amount, since the saturation is quite remarkable.  I learned that it takes a bit of care to wash it completely off your hands.  My hair was much smoother and appeared vibrant, but once I suspended use, I had a significant amount of drying that happened.  My natural oil production had slowed.  

Lindsay White, Makeup Artist
I've used the Hydrating Styling Cream.  It is a leave-in moisturizing cream and I really did like it quite a bit.  It was highly moisturizing without weighing my hair down.  My tresses looked and felt super-shiny and healthy, and it did a grand job of taming my frizz.  I tried starting at the ends of my hair and then worked my way up to the roots and that gave me the best results.  Heads up...a little goes a long way!  Really a nice product, albeit a little pricey.  Tip:  My best friend and I actually split it and put half in a travel container so we could both enjoy luscious hair without breaking the bank.  Worked for us!  

Great idea Lindsay!  Who wants to share the curl creme with me?  Hmmm...Stephanie at Nest...that may or may not be directed toward you. ;)

Anne Hussung, Note de Tete
I use the original Moroccan Oil and I love it.  It smells fantastic and makes my hair really silky.  Like any oil, the trick is not to use too much or else you'll have an oil slick.  I mist it on my brush or comb and it reduces tangling of my baby fine, long hair.  I think it's meant to spray on dry hair, but I have found that putting it on a comb works best for me.

Thanks ladies!  These reviews are making me think I need to give the Curl Creme a try.  If you have tried any of these products, especially if you have curly hair, let me know!  Is it time for me to head down the road to hair nirvana?