Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Bling Ring

First of all I have a quick question for all my loyal and lovely Mizzie Modifies readers.....Do I use the word "bling" too much?  I know it's an out dated, silly slang word but I just love it.  I am asking you as my friends to please let me know if it is just not cool for me to use the word bling and if you say "Yes Mizzie it is so not cool for you to use that word" as much as I love it, I will refrain from using it in further modifies posts.  Thank you  sincerely. ; )

Now for the good stuff. This Modifies is very exciting.  It is cheap, easy and it literally took me like 15 minutes! 

For the past couple of months I have been really into these Kenneth Jay Lane rings, aren't they gorgeous?  
So of course I started looking around my jewelry box to see what kind of statement ring I could fashion out what I already owned. Here is what I came up with.

Step One: Find a ring you don't wear or one that fits nicely and you don't mind covering up. 

Step Two: Find or buy a brooch that is no bigger than 2 inches in diameter and has a semi flat back to it.  Metal works the best but you could use a plastic one.  I had this one just sitting in my jewelry box and I don't think I have ever worn it.
Step Three:  I can't believe how easy this is.  Just glue the broach to the ring. Blam!  I used an epoxy specifically for metals and used the pin to help secure it.   If you are not sure what type of glue to use just do a little Google research.  There is so much glue info out there it's actually shocking.
Step Four:  Wear your new fantastic statement ring.  I LOVE mine and can't believe it didn't cost me a dime to make.  I wore it to a dinner party the other night and received a very nice compliment on it.   I always hesitate a moment before telling people that I made it, but then I just blurt it out because I get so excited to talk about it and how easy it was to make.  
So good luck, I hope it all goes well.  And please send me photos of your homemade bling rings to mizzie [at] stellashops.com.  I would love to see your creations, and I am working on a readers modifies post, so if you want to be involved you must send me photos!  
Happy Modifying,