Naked Without Us Designer Spotlight – Modern Cowgirl

Shana Gibson is the founder of Modern Cowgirl.  Modern Cowgirl is a line of fun, edgy t-shirts and very cool jewelry.  She is one of the Naked Without Us featured designers holding a trunk show at Monkee's in The Hill Center during the Stella Shops Boutique Crawl on April 23rd from 5-8pm.

Here are her answers to the questions we asked her.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?

Without a doubt I draw inspiration from just about everything around me.  I am constantly cataloging what I see and thinking of applications for it.  I typically gather all inspirations and adhere them to my creativity board in the office.  No telling what will make its way onto the board.  I never come up with the designs in my office.....  The open road/outdoors are typically where an inspiration hits me.  One of my best collections came to me when I was driving to an event in Denver.  I pulled off the road and noted everything I was thinking of.  

Who or what is your muse or inspiration for your Naked Without Us collection?  Will you give us a sneak peek at the collection?
Right now I am LOVING the over sized off the shoulder tee.  We are producing in Micro Modal (softest shirt ever).  The idea is to have a tee that is edgy, dressy, and feels amazing!  Incorporating our motto of inspiration and empowering I came up with a collection that I love.  Not to mention really cool edgy sterling silver chains and large stone jewelry.  No images yet.....still in production.  This line will launch in Nashville before we offer it to our boutiques.

Name three people you admire most.
My mother - She is the strongest woman that I know.  True to her convictions and an inspiration to so many people.

The small business owner - Nothing is harder & more rewarding than creating something from your heart and watching it grow and change.  Most designers and business owners have been faced with really challenging times as of late.  I applaud them for their courage and perseverance in sustaining.  My respect for them is profound.

Women - Cliche?  I know....but I do.  My company celebrates the strength of women.  We share, draw strength from, and inspire each other.  Not only are we moved to make amazing changes in this world by our friends and family, often times its the women we don't know and hear about that move us the most.  We are mothers, daughters, lovers, and fighters.  Our motto is "I Ride My Own White Horse"  empower your inner cowgirl.  We make changes and embrace the love around us.

What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
I wear black all the time.  Classic. Edgy. Modern. Flattering.  Black is the new black!  I love to mix in pops of color with black, a cranberry purse, midnight skirt, red heels....
My favorite thing to wear???  Even though you didn't ask is a tee shirt.  You can dress up, dress down, live in it.  I guess that's why I produce them

What is your favorite movie to watch for design inspiration?
 I love Sex in the City.....but as I mentioned I really get inspiration from everywhere.  Right now I am loving the show Kell on Earth, and we just found out that our clothing is being worn in the Real Housewives of NJ.....


We are loving what we have seen online from Modern Cowgirl and can't wait to see it in real life.  See ya at the Boutique Crawl & check out Modern Cowgirl's collection on the runway during the Emerging Designer show April 23 at Mercy Lounge. Visit for more info and to purchase tickets.