Naked Without Us Designer Spotlight – Boy Meets Girl


Fun, funky, flirty, Boy Meets Girl®.  It's easy to see how these sweet silhouette tees, totes and hoodies have become celebrity obsessions and have been seen on shows like Gossip Girl, The Hills and Sex & the City.  I'm still secretly wishing I would've bought the tote bag I saw in the window at the Clothing Xchange last year.  It was ridiculously cute!

Boy Meets Girl® is one of the featured brands at next week's Naked Without Us Fashion & Music Festival, so we had the chance to ask founder, Stacey M. Igel, a few questions about her fabulous line. 

What was your original concept for Boy Meets Girl® and how has it evolved?
I knew I wanted to design a different line that spoke to an energetic, edgy and playful young woman with a confident and carefree spirit. In the beginning I was working out of my apartment. I was sewing, selling, promoting (even my first “showroom” photo shoot for Lucky Magazine’s “One to Watch” was actually shot in my bedroom), shipping and doing basically everything by myself.  I launched my line in Oct. 2001 at a small trade show called the Workshop and at this show I opened my first department store Bergdorf Goodman. Slowly (and I mean really slowly), I was able to afford to bring on a small team but we still worked out of my house. When I was finally able to afford my own space it was the size of a closet in Union City New Jersey. I took a small bus from port authority everyday with my computer on my back to a rundown building with no running water (the building has since been condemned). Needless to say, I appreciate my current space in the garment district complete with track lighting and a working elevator among other plush amenities. So that’s how I’ve grown. I really have not changed all that much…I still love to create it’s just that now I am creating a larger and more complex collection with many more moving pieces and personnel involved. 

The first time I met my husband’s parents was for dinner at their apartment.  While they were giving me the tour, I noticed a picture frame containing silhouettes of their three children from when they were younger.  My parents had a similar picture of my sister and I when we were about the same age.  I thought about us and how we still both had these young, playful, carefree versions of ourselves inside of us and I knew right then and there my brand would be called Boy Meets Girl® and that I’d use our silhouettes for the logo.  The logo driven product came first and I have been growing the collection organically from there into what I call a lifestyle collection.

Where do your design inspirations come from?
I draw inspiration from a variety of eclectic influences such as vintage clothing, the vibrant New York art and music scenes and Hollywood’s glamourati. Stylistically, I’m going to give you my holy trinity of influences.  First, Coco Chanel, who famously said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  I agree.  I am fortunate to find inspiration in many, many things.  I think that’s why I am so happy working as hard as I do – I’m so passionate about designing and so inspired by my work. Second, Kate Moss.  Of course she’s a beautiful and confident woman, but what I love about her is the way she effortlessly transitions from eclectic vintage to high fashion (and even mixes and matches within the same outfit).  She never looks like she’s trying to put an outfit together – everything looks like it just naturally belongs on her body.  Third, Patti Smith.  She’s stayed true to her edgy stylishness since the 70s.  She’s unflappable. 

What inspired the Spring 2010 collection?
SPRING 2010: Boy Meets MUSICian Girl
I always listen to music while designing.  For Spring 2010 I collaborated with six inspiring women musicians, each coming from very different musical backgrounds. They are Jackie Tohn
(plucky acoustic rock), Wendy Starland (electric world pop),  Eunice Quinones (get-off-your-ass dance music), Jillian Rhys (smoky soul-siren), Tha ToOoNz (intelligent hip-pop), and DJ KISS (hip-hop commando).  “Their music inspired me to create a collection that embraces individuality and a life well-lived.”  In addition to serving as my musical inspirations, these musicians-turned-muses served as my models this season as well – each was photographed with the man in their life for the Boy Meets Girl® Spring 2010 promotional campaign.

Check out the full Inspiration Book here.

Your design mantra is "Couture Comfort©."  Can you explain what that means to you and how it affects your designs?
My design mantra is “couture comfort©”. I don’t design for the runway.  I design for real people.  And what real people want is to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

What is your favorite piece (or pieces) in the Spring 2010 collection?
The Boy Meets Girl® lexie romper available in stores in April. I love wearing rompers/jumpsuits it makes my life easy in the morning. Pull it on and I am set to go
. The lexie romper is made of fleece&burnout. It is comfortable and sexy. I will pair it with vintage cuffs (gold & printed) with statement shoes. I have my eye on the Lanvin Heels with chain details.

Are there any new musicians or bands you're listening to right now who you're loving?
Yes! Loving Soft Pack. One of my bff’s Deb Ruffalo(and the best acupuncturist in the world) is my go to for all new music. She turned me on to them and also XX, an amazing UK band. XX is a trio band with 2 boys and 1 girl.

What can people expect next from Boy Meets Girl®?
I’d like to accomplish three things in the near future.  One, I’d like to open up stores.  We’ve looked at some spaces in various cities and are figuring out how to get into retail without overextending ourselves.  Two, I’d like to have a larger international presence. Three, I’d like to get more involved in accessories and licensing – I think we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface there and the brand is iconic enough now to begin doing that slowly and smartly.  Ohh… and if you’ve read any of my social media sites, you know that I desperately want to be on Oprah before the show ends… it's always been a dream of mine (I am a Chicago girl building an empire in NYC), so if anyone out there can help me, get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, or via my blog.   


Boy Meets Girl® will be featured on the Naked Without Us Fashion & Music Festival Street Tees show on Wednesday, April 21 at Exit/In. We can't wait to see this collection come down the runway!  Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.