NWU Fashion Shows – Boutiques @ Mercy Lounge

What: A fashion event showcasing clothes from Nashville boutiques including some Stella Fave's.  18 & Up - $5 cover

When: Thursday April 22nd 

Where: Mercy Lounge 1 Cannery Row  Nashville, TN 37203-4153 


 Located on West End, Studio 615 has fast become a favorite of Stella.  Darnice has stocked her clean, white boutique with beautiful, classy-with-an-edge clothing at affordable prices.  Her accessories are stunning -I recently fell in love with a bejeweled flower ring I saw at the Fusion 2010 event - and they add the perfect amount of bling (see I said it again) to any ensemble. 

The first time I stepped into Diamond Star Halo in East Nashville I knew I discovered something very special.  Libby Callaway, former fashion editor of the New York Post, created an eclectic space full of unique pieces she has hand picked from all across the country.  I am personally super excited to see what she brings to the runway on Thursday.

 Monkee's is a ladies store beyond your "girlie" imagination; known to carry the
   finest lines in shoes, clothing and accessories. They pride themselves on first class customer service. And I have to say I have only been there a few times, but the employee's always great me with a smile and are eager. but not too eager, to help me find what I am looking for.

Wear it Out Manuel

 Carla had the privilege of meeting Manny's father, Manuel, who designed iconic clothes for Elvis, Johnny Cash, and all three Hank Williams when she judged the fashion competition at Fusion 10.  Manny is bringing Limited Edition garments from  their past collections as well as the haute couture created in his father’s shop in Nashville, to the stage at Mercy Lounge.  I am hoping to see a decent amount of rhinestones on these pieces.   Man I love rhinestones!
We recently interviewed Manny about his show at Naked Without Us and this is what he had to say.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?
 I get most of my inspiration from my culture,(Mexican-American) travels and in dreams. I rarely look at magazines due to the fact that I try to keep all my design inspiration personal and unique and never want to feel like I'm missing out on something that everyone is doing the same as.

Who are your three favorite designers and why?
Valentino.  The elegant and sophisticated lines in the men's collections are always unique and classy.  The women's collection's silhouettes are incredible with all the different layers of different fabrics and leathers used in pants and tops are divine!
Salvador Dali.  AMAZING!!! The incredible abstracts to surrealisms and colors that he would draw and the inspirations were to die for!!

Manuel Sr.If it wasn't for my father attaching me to his hip everywhere he went, as a child, I would not have his incredible encouragement to do the the things I do!  His silhouettes and different types of fabrics, leathers, hardware, embroideries and rhinestones are so different than what anybody is known for using.

What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
Green, makes me feel like I'm a plant and keeps me growing, HIGHER and HIGHER  and always attracts everyone's attention!!

Name two of your favorite bands right now.

List five of your favorite places in Nashville.

Your father, Manuel, has been referred to as the “Rhinestone Rembrandt.”  How has that influenced you?  When did you start designing?
In every way!! I was born in 1972, and raised in the North Hollywood and the Toluca Lake area. I started sewing at the age of 6, with Manuel's employees watching over me to take care that I didn't stick my fingers with the needle. By age 7, I was doing it by myself and Manuel's boot maker, Jose Jimenez, tutored me in the crafts of leather working, tooling, boot stitching and cutouts. My father also instructed me on the art of hat blocking. Every day after school I would go to my dad's shop, and after finishing my chores I would work on my own creations such as leather wallets, purses and other accessories. These were sold in Manuel's shop and the sales money became my allowance.  Over the next several years I created clothes for many of my fathers famous clientele and collaborated with him in doing so, not to mention the suit that Johnny Cash was laid to rest in.