Naked Without Us Fashion Event – Emerging Desginers Part 1

What: Fashion event showcasing emerging designers.  18 & Up - $10 Cover

When:  Friday April 23rd
           Doors open @ 8pm

Where: Mercy Lounge - 1 Cannery Row  Nashville, TN 37203-4153

Who: Sheba, Bub Clothing, Love Simone, Pink Elephant, Cajun Moon, Modern CowgirlBecca Lou


Sheba is designed by local designer Courtney Buttons.  

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your collections? 
I get a lot of inspiration from looking back at the way women used to dress. I love vintage and think it is important to learn about the history of clothing. My collection is inspired by the 1920s. I found a lot of great information on 1920s French lingerie while doing research for a project. I felt so inspired. It was all so beautiful I knew I wanted to do a collection inspired by those photographs I found.

Who are your three favorite designers and why
Alexander McQueen - He was a genius and one of the most innovative designers around. 

Valentino - I feel my style is closest to his collections before he left his business.  And his collections were just beautiful and classic.

John Galliano is my third favorite because he uses a lot of inspiration from the past and his collections are so different from anything I have ever seen. He always surprises me.

Yazoo's Hefeweizen label is the inspiration for one piece in your collection.  Can you tell what direction you're taking with this piece? 
I am doing my own take on the yellow that is wrapped around the woman in the logo.

Name two of your favorite bands right now. 
The Strokes. The Dead Weather.

List 5 of your favorite places in Nashville.


Bub Clothing is designed by local designer Aimee Spencer.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for you collections?
I really enjoy trips to the fabric store and usually don’t have an agenda while “hunting” for my fabric.  I love color and texture and most times leave it up to the trip to find something I want to take home and play with.  I think that’s where I find most of my inspiration.  It can also be from music, quiet daydreams and visions of ideas that find their way into my dreaming.  I can really be just sitting there and have a thought and rush to my sewing machine or grab fabric from my fabric cabinet and begin a piece right then and there.  I think this is what people do when they sketch; however, I differ in that I don’t really sketch my ideas.  Maybe that’s why they stay fresh is because my palette is my dress form. 

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I love to hang out with friends outside (when it’s not freezing or raining!) usually over a dark beer and smokes (I’m a social smoker).  I also love music and both love to listen, go to shows, and play guitar and a little piano.  Mostly though, I love to hang out with family from my mom that lives here, my boyfriend and his daughter who is 9 and stunning, to my Pug, Nushi!  I just adopted a Pug from the Music City Pug Rescue in October and now I know what it means to be in love with your dog!  She is 7 and absolutely one of the best parts of my day.  I also love tennis and when I can find time…..will be out on the court.

Who are your three people you admire and why?
My grandmother, whom I’ve named my label after.  She was an inspiration in life and in her death by cancer a few years ago, I wanted that bit of her to live on.  She was a trend-setter, beautiful, strong-willed, stubborn, convertible-driving, natural beauty.  My nickname for her was grandma Bubba and the label name I chose is a spin off of that.  

My second person/people are the fellow designers that I’ve gotten to know from NWUAmanda Valentine, Shea Steele, Hana Hattori, Shannon Lea, Amy B, Becca Lou……I could go on, because of where they are, how far they’ve come over the last several years, and how great they each are.  I’m flattered to be included in such an amazing group of women and designers. 

And Grace Coddington.  I just love that she started as a model and has carried her career to new heights being one of the world’s top stylists.  I know that her modeling career was cut short due to an accident, but nonetheless, she came back even stronger and more effectively as a stylist for one of the world’s top fashion mags.  She’s amazing and I love that she knows what she likes and isn’t scared to say it.

List 5 of your favorite places in Nashville? 
Imogene + Willie, 12 South Tap Room, Marathon Village, Rumour’s East, and last but not least (and there are many more I’m not naming),  Grimey’s Record Store on 8th


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