NWU Fashion Shows – Emerging Designers Part 2

What: Fashion event showcasing emerging designers.  18 & Up - $10 Cover

When:  Friday April 23rd
           Doors open @ 8pm

Where: Mercy Lounge - 1 Cannery Row  Nashville, TN 37203-4153

Who: ShebaBub Clothing, Love Simone, Pink Elephant, Cajun Moon, Modern Cowgirl, Becca Lou


Where do you draw your inspiration from for you collections?

My mother had a handmade children's clothing company when I was little, and when I began to sew in high school and college she passed along an extensive collection of her leftover fabrics (most are from the late eighties and early nineties, too). Prints of puppy dogs, kittens and cupcakes have sparked a love for designs that reflect a childlike sort of feeling...as well as the idea that I can be 22 years old and still wear poufy dresses, ruffles, and even the occasional bow in my hair.

Who or what is your muse or inspiration for your Naked Without Us collection?  Will you give us a sneak peek at the collection?
My inspiration for my Naked Without Us collection was actually one such piece of hand me down fabric. It is a colorful print with little paper dolls on it. I had this image in my head of a whimsy girl who loves to daydream and isn't afraid to play dress up. I used a lot of tulle, reconstructed vintage slips, and bright colors.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Free time is hard to come by lately. I'm currently an entrepreneurship and fashion student at Belmont University, and between writing my business plan, sewing, and managing the on-campus boutique Feedback Clothing Co., I tend to be pretty occupied. However, when I do snatch a moment here and there, I love to enjoy a nice cup of English breakfast tea, sketch (read: doodle), or read (Kurt Vonnegut short stories are a favorite). 

Name two of your favorite bands right now.
Two of my favorite bands right now are Joanna Newsom (I just saw her a few weeks ago at the Mercy Lounge...she's fabulous to listen to while sewing!) and Belle and Sebastian. 

List 5 of your favorite places in Nashville?
My little house in Sylvan Park that I share with two of my close friends, Sweet Cece's (I'm there getting delicious frozen yogurt more than I care to admit...), the Goodwill outlet to look for vintage suitcases, 12th and Porter on Saturday nights for free dance parties, Savant Vintage Couture (it was one of the first vintage stores I went into in Nashville when I first moved here 4 years ago), and Bongo Java for coffee and grilled cheese.

What is your favorite movie to watch for design inspiration?

I went through a phase last year where I was rather obsessed with the dark and somewhat Victorian costumes of the movie Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Colleen Atwood designed those costumes..I think they're genius. 


Becca Lou

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections? 

Vintage fashion, personalities, and everyday life. I think it would be splendid to one-day base a collection on the wonders of the world. 

What or who is your muse or inspiration for your Naked Without Us collection?  
My Grandma Ruby’s Jello surprise. You never knew what color/flavor you were going to get and what surprise of fruit lurked inside. 

Can you give us a sneak peek at the collection? 
I’m using several different fruit prints mixed with other bright fabric and vintage cuts. There will be a pair of shorts, dresses, skirts, and a couple of rompers in the mix.

Yazoo’s Hefeweizen label is the inspiration for one of your pieces.  Can you tell us what direction you’re taking with this piece? 
I’m producing a dress that’s a fruit print, which is fitting to me because the label portrays a serpent giving a woman a bottle which is representative of an apple traditionally. The print I’m using is lemon. It seemed sunny and happy. The cut of the dress is simple, but also fun and flirty. 

Who are your three favorite designers and why?
Betsey Johnson-She brings out the inner child in me. I hear a little voice telling me that wearing things that don’t match at all look great together. To top it off she tells me to throw on a pair of sparkling heels and a sequined bag and to not think twice about it. 
Marc Jacobs-He’s brilliant. Funk and class mesh perfectly in his designs.
Karl Lagerfeld- I respect him immensely for his dedication to the industry and for the influence he has been producing worldwide for decades.


What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
Grass green.  I feel like it's my happy power color. 

What are five of your favorite places in Nashville? 
12th & Porter, Mercy Lounge, Shelby Park, Wine Loft, and TN Antique Mall. 

**Yellow sweater photo courtesy of 4050 Photo.


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