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Oh Two Elle, you had us from the very beginning at that quaint little house on 12South.  Now located in the Hill Center, we're still as enamored as we were that very first day.  If there's a Two Elle lifestyle...count us in.  And after reading our interview with owner, Rachel Lowe, you should understand why.
Describe the vibe of Two Elle in five words starting with "T."
Timeless, Tenacious, Transcendental, Tuned-In, Transformers (aka More Than Meets The Eye)

What was your original concept for the store and how has it evolved?

I like to think of everything I do as a journey.  Two Elle draws upon many elements of my personal journey and brings them to Nashville, a place where I originally felt like a fish out of water (or, as referenced by our logo, like a girl who had just stumbled down a rabbit hole.)  The store on 12South drew heavily on my college days.  We like to think of the 12South store as "freshman year."  It was the college library, the dorm room, the home away from home, the place where you go to hopefully find a little piece of self-expression amidst the madness of self-discovery.  When it came time to "grow up" a little, we moved on to "sophomore year" at the Hill Center.  We're still the same kid, still searching, still colorful, still excited, but now we're hanging out at the bar instead of the library.  Maybe it's an indie rock show, or maybe it's a poetry slam.  The basic elements (casual classics with a bit of an edge) are still there, but they're a little bit more urban, a little wiser, but fun nonetheless.

What are your favorite items you're carrying for Spring/Summer?
I'm always going to be a big fan of Steven Alan plaid button-downs for both men & women.  We should just live in those, no?  I'm also loving this grey Built by Wendy hooded sweatshirt that we have and wearing WeSC headphones whenever I can!  Oh, and I love the idea of pairing our neon green Converse hi-tops with a short summer skirt.  And I love love love love our newest addition: exclusive 2L screen-printed American Apparel t-shirts!  Love.
What Converse style is your favorite and why?
It changes all the time!  For awhile, it was the Cobain signature black hi-tops.  Then, it was the purple passion low-tops.  Right now, I'm kind of digging the Varvatos distressed black star players.  Really, at the end of the day though, I'm a classic Chuck Taylor kind of girl.  I feel the need to own every color of the rainbow, and if I could wear them all at once, I would.  And since the Phoenix Suns are in the play-offs right now, look for me to rock a little Punky Power with one purple and one orange.

 If Two Elle got to create an ice cream flavor, what would it be?
Affogato.  We're espresso people.  If we could, we would take a rich vanilla gelato, pour three shots of espresso over it, and eat it all day.  Sadly, we're lactose intolerant, so we cannot.  (Bummer, because that sounds amazing!) 

Which superheroes would shop at Two Elle?
Pippi Longstocking, Jem (because she's truly outrageous), Balloon Fingers, Frank the Nutcracker, Steve Nash, my mom.


 Tarina Tarantino Jewelry & Orla Kiely Clutches

 Tarina Tarantino Alice in Wonderland Jewelry Collection

What are five of your favorite places in Nashville? 

My condo: True, I'm the girl who skips about town in a Betsy Johnson tutu, but my big secret is that I'm actually a homebody.  I love my purple Mitchell Gold sofa, my turquoise walls, my Bond No. 9 candles and my second bedroom that I converted into a mirrored, walk-in closet!

The store: (I'm giving you three store spots; I break rules)

The Queen of Hearts fitting room:  City codes mandate that one of the fitting rooms be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.  As such, we ended up with a really big fitting room, aptly named, "The Queen of Hearts."  It's piled high with law books and a bench that's perfect for hiding out and doing paperwork.

The bench outside the store:  Truth: I miss the swing that was outside our 12South store.  The bench at The Hill Center is working out just fine though.  It's springtime, and we like to sit outside!

The Pool Table:  One of these days I'm going to clear off that product and work on my game.  For now though, I chose a spot in the center of the store, because that's where I like to be.  I love that I get to spend my days with my staff, and I love those moments when I suddenly decide I'm going to re-merchandise the entire floor.

Frothy Monkey:  One thing I've learned about myself in this strange little wonderland I call Nashville  is that I'm loyal to a fault.  We may have "grown up" and moved to The Hill Center, but Frothy Monkey will always be my coffee shop.

PM:  Again, I'm loyal to a fault.  About three years ago, we started calling in to-go orders for lunch, and we've never looked back.  Somewhere along the way, owner Arnold Myint has become one of my best friends, and we've celebrated perhaps every major event within the PM walls.

Art & Invention / I Dream of Weenie in East Nashville, when I feel like crossing the bridge:  Owners Meg & Bret MacFadyen are absolute dolls.  Bret is also the talent behind our register/bar.  Going to visit them is my breath of fresh air.

What inspires you?
Oh, Stella (can I call you Stella?), what inspires me?  I find inspiration, beauty, strength in the simplest of moments.  I draw upon pieces from my past for inspiration (as evidenced by the fact that I plastered an entire wall with tangible moments from my 2L past).  So here are some of the pebbles that have crossed my path and continue to influence me every day:  streets of New York City, Arizona sunsets, gothic towers & grey mornings at Yale, a sense of history & a belief in tradition, the Mexican-colonial home my mom built and the bright colors that fill it, ballet (I started the tutu statement at age 3), riding the Metro North from New Haven to Manhattan early in the morning to sneak away from school for an audition, my team (I show up just to see them!), Dorothy and her journey over the rainbow, Alice and her fall down that rabbit hole, roller skates and Xanadu (yes, really), pulling all-nighters during midterms in college and then going to New York City at 5am before heading to campus to turn in a paper, my brother Danny's enthusiasm about fashion and willingness to push the boundaries on all things creative, the notion of unconditional love from my family that I'm still trying to understand, Marc Jacobs (I love anything that man does), the Phoenix Suns (again, loyal to a fault), books (put me in a bookstore, and I'll always feel at home), obstacles (call me crazy, but I love a good challenge!).

The Hill center in Green Hills
4025 Hillsboro Pike, Ste. 505
615 269 9954
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