Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Statement Necklace

A few months ago I stumbled upon an entertaining TV show called Lipstick Jungle.  I neglected to watch the show when it aired writing it off as a wannabe Sex and the City.

 So one rainy night in London I switched it on and fell in love.  I am not sure what attracted me more, the sexy yet sincere male characters or the stunning accessories worn by the three lovely leading ladies.  Every exquisite outfit they wore on the show was topped off with the perfect piece or pieces of statement jewelry.  The jewelry was so gorgeous I literally dreamt about it waking up a little disappointed my necklaces were so small and puny.  Needless to say I started lusting after statement necklaces and large rings online that I could not justify buying which led me to create the Bling Ring and now the DIY statement necklace.  

Step One:  You most likely only wear about 20 - 30% of your jewelry.  So gather all the pieces that don't get worn on a regular basis and lay them out on a table.  I grouped mine by color but you may want to arrange them by size, or style.  However you decide to do it group together pieces that you feel go well together.  Be creative.  Use necklaces, earrings, broaches...anything!  You will also want a few needle nose pliers and possibly some wire. 

Step Two:  Once you have your jewelry in groups choose the one you want to start with and create a base necklace.  This will be what you use to build your statement necklace.   I started with these chains that came from my Boot Bling boot straps and another chain that came off an old pair of jeans. 

Step Three:  This is where you get to have fun.  Add on necklaces, broaches and earrings to the base connecting them with the claps already on them and some wire.  If you need some inspiration check out these phenomenal necklaces from Many Will See.  I used them as inspiration while I was building mine. 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Happy modifying,