Pucker Up Buttercup

I'm a lip balm junkie plain and simple.  I've had some mild anxiety attacks not being able to find the right tube or tin of lip balm in my purse.  It's a problem.  I'm aware of this.  But there's something about those little tubes and pots of moisturizing goodness.  They taste good, they smell good and well, they're pretty much my adult security blanket.  I could have worse vices, right? 

My addiction started several years ago with a pot of Smith's Rosebud Salve.  This salve was an impulse buy while waiting in line to check out at an Anthropologie.  Now it's my go-to lip balm.  I've tried dozens since and I always come back.  I have two on-going complaints about it however, one is no SPF and the other is that it literally liquefies in the tin if it gets warm.  This makes for a really messy lip balm that's not the best for the summer.  But I can't quit you Rosebud Salve.  Other balms may make it into my bag, but there will always be one goopy Rosebud tin in there too.

Although still no SPF, my other lip balm obsession is the Green Wagon's Chocolate Peppermint Lip Balm from Good Fortune Soap Company.  Good Fortune is based in Athens, Tenn. and make a lot of other yummy products, but that lip balm is the perfect blend of flavors.  It's also a tiny bit exfoliating yet it's very moisturizing.  

Mizzie loves Babybearshop's All the Better to Kiss you With.  I like the Babybearshop because it is all natural and feels so soft on my lips.  The cases are so super cute, they get complimented when I pull one out of my wallet to moisturize my dry lips.  If I want an on the go lip balm that doesn't require a finger for application, I like the Kiss My Face in a stick.  It has such a nice texture and is dense enough to really coat my lips and it soaks in to leave them ready to kiss.

I agree with Mizzie on the Kiss My Face balm.  We received a trio of these lip balms in our Naked Without Us goody bags.  I've been using the Vanilla Honey and it does coat your lips nicely and it has SPF 15!  The other nice thing about Kiss My Face is the price.  On their website, tubes are $3.49 and the trio is $9.99.

After coming off of a week of amazing fashion shows at Naked Without Us, we decided to ask a few of our NWU favorites what their lip balm of choice is...

Marcia Masulla, Fashion & Marketing Director, Naked Without Us and our favorite PETA advocate

The Kiss My Face is my current favorite too because it is all natural and CRUELTY FREE!  No animal ingredients and testing which just makes me overuse it more and more.  The flavors are great and my lips feel moisturized instantly.

Another good choice is Nivea Lip Care, A Kiss of Moisture - Hydrating Lip Care.  I was skeptical because this product was so inexpensive (around $2.50) and I assumed it would be waxy, but it applies very smoothly.  It has a clean scent and I even apply a thin base coat before I apply lipstick or heavy glosses.  (This product is not Vegan, but they don't test on animals.)

Amanda Valentine, Designer, Valentine Valentine

I am devoted to three lip balms!
1. ChapStick "True Shimmer" peppermint rush.  It is frosty blue.  I swear it makes me look fashionably hypothermic.
2. Lip Smacker in Dr. Pepper flavor.  'Nuff said.
3. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer - Champagne shade.  It's a lovely frosty pink and gets me compliments every time.

Amy Breen, Designer, Amy B Clothing

I've become addicted to Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm.  I first picked it up at Sephora when I was visiting New York.  It was one of those impulse purchases.  They stick all those little items near the register to get you to buy more things when you're waiting in line.  I've been hooked ever since.  It's minty and slightly tinted.  It gives your lips a slight shine and looks great over lipstick too.  I was happy to find it now at Cosmetic Market across from my work in Hillsboro Village.

Kallie Robertson-Smith, Designer, Love Simone

I'm not really a lip gloss kind of girl, but I do love my lip balm.  I alternate between good old Burt's Bees (because it makes your lips feel all tingly and minty fresh) and my other favorite is Smith's Rosebud Salve in rosebud or strawberry! I adore their vintage style packaging in little tins, and they can be used on hands too - great for dry cuticles!

Rosebud Salve ended up being a nearly unanimous favorite here.  It is a great product and Kallie's right about using it for dry cuticles.  It does work great.  I've found all the Smith's Salve products at a variety of places in town including UAL, Cosmetic Market, Sephora and Anthropologie.  

Thanks ladies!  Between all of us, we have some very moisturized lips happening here.  

So Stella readers, what's your favorite lip balm?  Comment here, send us a tweet or Facebook message and let us know!