Trend - The Comeback of the Clog

Clogs on the Runway

Clogs in real life

Traditionally when we think of clogs we think of Heidi, nurses in ill fitting white scrubs, and Dr. Schols.  After this season I predict when we hear the word clog we will think of Chanel, Karl Largerfield, Alexa Chung, and The Olsen Twins.  If there is a must have accessory list for spring the clog is in the top 5.  Seen on the runways of Prada, Chanel, Alice Roi, and Louis Vuitton and on the streets worn by celebrities and fashion forward females everywhere. Dress 'em up dress 'em down you can where clogs all over town!! Sorry I got a little carried away there.  Breath....Ok I am back. 

When I first saw this trend on Alexa Chung I was like "Gross!  I will not be wearing those ugly wooden soled clunkers! And P.S. Alexa STOP slouching!"  then I thought "Wait....(eyebrow raise, upward finger point) this might be one of those trends that I will see so much it will grow on me and in a few months I will be wearing some version of these ugly wooden soled clunkers." And.....I was right.  I don't see myself wearing the Chanel style clog but I am a fan of the more sandal style open toed clogs we are seeing from Sigerson Morrison and Jeffrey Campbell. 

Sigerson Morrison Wedge

Jeffrey Campbell Snick

How do you feel about the clog trend?  Do you have some?  How do you wear them?  Are they comfy?  Please share with us! 

Stay trendy San Diego!  (This is a new tag line I am trying out. What do you think? : ))