Trend - The Comeback of the Clog Update

Remember that time I was talking about clogs and how I was not sure I really liked them?  Especially the real true clog kind of like the Chanel ones from the runway?  Yeah?  Well I have a confession to make.  Today, I went out and bought two pairs of clogs eerily similar to the Chanel ones I said I didn't like.  Man those pesky trends have foiled me again!!!  

Now I am asking for your help.  I bought two because I could not make the decision in the store and I have deep rooted mistrust of sales people. They're all full of lies with the sole purpose of separating you from your money. I need you to help me decide which ones to keep.  They both have a 14 day return policy so I need to know what you think in the next week.  Please?!?!?!

Clog #1  Jeffrey Campbell Charlie Clog

I love love love the look of this shoe and for such a high heel it is surprisingly comfortable.  The heel strap is a nice addition and can be worn over the front or on the heel like in this photo.  My biggest problem with these shoes is that they are more of a statement shoe that I really won't be able to wear on a daily basis and they are kinda clunky when walking on a hard surface.  P.S. I really like these. 

Clog #2  Bertie Ss Sandy

Ok these are super comfy, they have a padded cork sole and the heel height is perfect for walking around in all day.  My issue with these is that they are a little bit hard to keep on.  I have been walking around the flat in them and if I am not really paying attention they kinda fly off my feet.  Not really conducive to walking around a dirty city.  I am wondering if they will fit better as they loosen up the more I wear them. P.S. I really like these too. What do I do??  

So please let me know what you think.  I am so undecided I could really use your help.