Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Short Dress

My Mom loves second hand shopping.   She recently purchased this Warehouse dress from a local charity shop for me.  Unfortunately the dress was a skosh too small.  Fortunately I like to modify things.  Here is my solution to a dress that has a waste line that is either too small or too high or both.  

The Dress 

Step One:  There are two ways to do this modifies.  One - Just cut the dress into two pieces at the top of the skirt.  You will have some fraying from the raw edges, but if you don't want to sew this is a quick and easy way to separate the dress.  Two - This one requires a sewing machine or a local seamstress (dry cleaners also usually offer an alteration service).  Using a seam ripper rip out the seam between the top and the skirt of the dress. 

Step Three:  Once the dress is separated then you will want to pin the edges in preparation for sewing. 

Step Four: Sew the edges with a medium sized stitch. 

Step Five:  Style your new skirt and vest.  

This turned out even better than I expected.  You may have noticed that there was a button missing at the waist.  To be honest the waist of this skirt is still a little too small, so I just put a wide belt on which I think is a great addition to the look and I don't have to worry about finding a button or feeling like someone is squeezing my stomach all day. Yay!

I am also thinking about changing the buttons if I can find some I like.  I think some black ones might be nice. 

Happy Modifying and thanks Mom for the new outfit!