No Water Required

Have you noticed all the talk about dry shampoo lately?  Nearly every magazine I open has something to say about it.  There are dozens of products on the market...some spray, some powder, some super cheap and some super expensive.  So what's all the fuss about?

Dry shampoo definitely isn't a new concept.  People have been using plain old Baby Powder in their hair for decades to help sop up that extra oil in a pinch.  Here's an ad from the 1970's for Psssssst dry shampoo which you can find in just about any drug store today.

Mizzie and I went to a few of our favorite local shop owners, bloggers and friends to see if they used dry shampoo and which products they liked.  From the US and the UK, the response was fantastic and I was surprised to see there were a few brands that came up again and again.

My favorite is this little bottle of Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo that I bought last summer before my trip to London.  It was the only travel size I could find at Sephora that was around $10 so I thought I would try it.  I fell in love with this powder shampoo right from the start.  My curly hair can be really dry, so I don't like to wash it every day.  The dry shampoo helps get me through those no-wash days.  This powder is a little messy, but it definitely does the trick.  I usually pour about a dime to nickel size amount in my hand, flip my head over and then work the powder into my roots.  I flip my head back, shake out the excess and voila...oil gone, curls back.  The lemon verbena smell is nice too. 

Mizzie's favorite is Boots brand Expert Dry Shampoo...

"A few weekends ago, I was suffering from zombie like jet lag which meant I did not make the effort to wash my hair after the almost 14 hours of travel time to get to London. On that Sunday, I had plans to go see my husband at Wembley Arena where he was working but was in a bit of a conundrum regarding my hairstyle for that evening.  Luckily, I remembered I had Boots Dry Shampoo in my make-up kit.  That cheap stuff saved the day.  I was able to rework my messy curls into a fantastic bed head look and wore my very dirty hair down that day with confidence.  I just held the can about 10 inches from my head and sprayed.  Then I watched as the previously oily hair around my hairline literally lifted off my head with body and bounce.  The dry shampoo has a clean not too overwhelming smell  and holds even after brushing.   I didn't even need that much.  Woohoo!  Now I am reconsidering my hair washing know to save the environment and all."

The lovely ladies at Style Blueprint actually talked about the Psssssst shampoo in the advertisement above in a recent post.  That same spray shampoo from the 70's is an Allure beauty product winner today.  The best part, it's $5.99 a can...that's right, $5.99!  And at the time of their post, there was actually a rebate on the can that basically refunded your purchase if you mailed it in.  So you could try a full size can of this product free!  I have to say that in a pinch, the Psssssst is great.  If you have dark hair, you need to watch how much you spray or else you can end up with hair that looks a little gray-ish.  The spray definitely gives you more volume than the powder, but I don't feel like it's as oil absorbing as my Oscar Blandi powder. 

Mizzie's friend and recording artist, Erin Austin, is also a fan of Psssssst.  Like most of us she uses it when traveling or when she doesn't have time to wash her hair.  She likes Psssssst because her hair is long and takes some effort to get ready.  "Using dry shampoo takes practically no effort.  Just spray, rub it and go."  

 As Liza from Style Blueprint will tell you in her post, she has been a fan of Bumble & Bumble's Hair Powder for several years, but at $35 a can, it's an expensive choice.  She was in a jam one day and needed something fast and tried the Psssssst and loved it.  Even if you can't get the rebate anymore, it's definitely worth a try and you can find it at just about any drug store.

The Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder is also a favorite of whats-in-store's Dena Ferrell Nance and Tweed Baby Outfitter's Maggie Jetter.  Both ladies love this powder's tinted color, because it can help extend time between color appointments.  
Maggie is actually a huge fan of dry shampoo.  She says she can go up to three days before she has to wash her hair.  "When I'm feeling frugal, I opt for the Ojon Hair Rub-Out Dry Cleanser Shampoo.  It comes in a cute and handbag-friendly 2 oz size and it's only $10.  It dries a days worth of oil, but doesn't last quite long enough to make me truly satisfied."

On a side note...visit Tweed in Edgehill Village.  This store is too cute for words.  

A couple of Mizzie's friends in London shared their favorite dry shampoo with us and it ended up being the same product, Batiste Dry Shampoo.
Nanny and daughter of a rockstar, Kaitlyn Gerrard, said...

"More times than none I wake up and think 'ohhh I can not be bothered to wash my hair this morning' but look in the mirror and think 'ew.'  For ages I did the whole talcum powder in the hair thing, but it leaves a funny smell in your hair.  Anyone know what I mean?!  Then i discovered Batiste Dry Shampoo.  It's amazing for mornings just like mine!  It comes in various different fragrances (which are actually really nice, my fave is tropical) and they even have types for black and brunette hair.  It doesn't dry my hair out, and it totally helps with volumising my hair which is a plus.  They also do little travel sizes which are always my best friends for those festival seasons when you sometimes don't even get a proper shower for four days.  It's definitely something I can't live without!!" 

Louise Grant is a super busy mom who also loves Batiste... 

"I've got thick but fine hair so it really needs washing every day to stop it from looking greasy. I don't want to spend the time doing that every morning (what with the school run & all!) so I wash one day & dry shampoo the next. It's also really useful when travelling after a long flight!  I love this brand because it comes in a range of flavours (tropical is the best) to suit your mood, it helps volumise my fine hair (makes it easier to style also) & it really does work. I get more nice comments about my hair on dry shampoo days!!"

Whether in your travel bag or part of your regular routine, it seems unanimous that you should be using dry shampoo.  And while the expensive brands do have their bonuses, the drug store brands seem to work just fine making this an affordable product to test for yourself.
Do you use a dry shampoo we didn't mention here?  Let us know what it is and what you like about it.  Never used dry shampoo before, but are thinking of trying one now?  Tell us about it!  Have we mentioned lately we love comments?

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