Mini Mizzie Modifies: DIY Fashion - Brimmed Hat

This summer the brimmed hat is your number one accessory.  I personally love hats and went out and purchased this one along with a couple of fun floral tank-tops to wear at a festival I attended a few weeks ago.  I ended up covering up my cute new tops with a wool sweater, leather jacket and scarf due to the non existent English summer but I will not take you down that road. It gets pretty dark when I start ranting about English weather.  Back to the hat and DIY fashion. You have probably realized by now that I can rarely just buy something and wear it as is so of course I modified it slightly.  

The Hat

The Feather
I actually had this one already, but you can pick one up at your local craft store.
The feather in the hat.

Me in the hat at the festival.

It was a huge hit.  My straw brimmed hat received quite a few compliments my favorite being from a friend of mine saying I looked like Peter Pan.  That was maybe more of comment than a compliment but I'll take it.