What’s in Her Bag? - Carla of Stella

Mizzie and I have been lugging around some pretty large bags lately, well, maybe it's just me who has been lugging around a giant bag, and we've noticed a lot of you are too.  So it begs the question..."What's in the bag?"  Each month, we'll be asking some of our favorite fashionable ladies to show us what they keep in their handbags.  I agreed to be the guinea pig for the first post, because really...do I need to carry around a bag this big?

I will admit, I do love this bag.  I purchased it at Urban Outfitters before my trip to London last summer.  It was/is the perfect travel bag.  It's soft, durable, has a cross body strap and is large enough to hold well....another bag...

Yes, I have another cross-body bag inside my giant bag.  This really is ridiculous, isn't it?  Mizzie called me out on it one day when she saw me rooting around for something and said "Is that a bag inside your bag?"  Why yes, it most certainly is.  There are only a couple small pockets in the gray bag, so having the black bag in there gives me another place to keep my wallet, keys, makeup, etc.  I think it's also my own personal victory over the airlines two bag carry-on rule.  Since I always have a purse and a carry-on, I get some strange satisfaction out of knowing that really I've managed to bring three bags on the plane.

Yes, technically that  is a third bag inside the black bag.  This gray bag is truly the nesting doll of purses.  The little bag houses my three favorite lip balms, my Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil , Therapy Systems lipstick and a bevy of eyeliners, lip pencils, blotting papers, etc.  I also keep my wallet, which can double as a clutch (Does that count as a fourth bag? Oh no!), my favorite sunglasses from Pangaea; and I never leave the house without at least one Larabar or Luna Bar in my bag.

Some days I wonder why the heck my bag is so heavy.  This pretty much explains it.  Obviously, the red blackberry gets the most use.  I love my sweet, shedding pugs, but how did their fur manage to work its way inside my phone?!

I'm starting to rethink my current bag choice.  What you're not seeing is the planner, camera, umbrella, chargers, water bottle, etc. that make special guest appearances in that bag.  Do I really need to carry this stuff around with me every day?  Was Mizzie's idea of me doing the first "What's in the bag?" post her subtle way of having a purse intervention for me?  Hmmm...I feel a downsize coming on.  If I'm carrying a clutch the next time you see me, you'll know why!