What’s in Her Bag? – Mizzie

Alrighty,  here is my "What's in the Bag?" post.  I must admit I feel like Carla's "What's in the Bag?" post is a tough one to follow.  I was tempted to throw in a few more items to make this handbag expose a little more interesting, but then I decided to go with "honesty is the best policy" instead.  Having just returned from London about a week ago my purse is a little more clean and organized than normal.  Purses are something I do not travel with so this beautiful Italian bag sits in my closet patiently waiting for my return.  It kinda feels like Christmas every time I get back and have my small collection of bags waiting for me.  

This one entered my life after a very successful trip to TJ Maxx.  I love how 70's it is!  When I bought it it was missing two of the gold rings that hold the shoulder straps on and I managed to get an extra 30% off the already 60% price.  Woohoo!!  

Thank God for the Internet.  I found a website that does handbag supplies and found these gate rings that fit the bag perfectly.  I think they cost me $2.50.  Again woohoo!!! 

Now for the good stuff.  Most days I try to carry around business cards in case I need to sell myself to anyone. The random cold medicine was hiding in an inside pocket, not sure why it was there, probably left over from a winter cold.  Recently I started craving ice cream, like on a daily basis, hence the Lactaid to avoid the horrible side effects of not being able to digest dairy.  My favorite is an M & M sonic blast.  Yummy goodness. 

This GPRS has literally changed my life.  I take it with me to London as well and OMG has it made my life easier.  I am sure it has saved me from a stomach ulcer.  The Lumix is always with me as my digital memory maker.  I mean really my memory is not that great so having this little memory keeper with me makes me feel better. 

I bought these Stella Sunglasses for my trip to Miami and I am so glad I did.  I feel like such a rock star when I wear them and the lenses are amazing.  No more squinting in the sun for me.  Now, do I really need to carry that many lipsticks?  The sad part is they are all almost the same color. I do love having my Histoires de Parfums samples with me, I should probably break down and buy a bottle one day.  I just can't decide which one I like the best.  My wallet tends to be the heaviest thing in my bag.  English pound coins, I mean who thought those were a good idea they weigh at least a pound each and every time I use cash they give me coins instead of notes. Thanks a lot!  

So that's what's in my bag.  Hope you enjoyed it.  If I did this after being here a month you would most likely see a few pens and a lot more trash and a note book.  I know Carla felt she had too much in her bag, but I am a fan of the bag within a bag within a bag.  Ever since High School I have carried my life with me in some form of backpack, bag or purse.  I just read the other day that little purses are back in fashion, and my heart skipped a beat....how will we edit our lives enough to fit them into small handbags?