Nailed It! The 8-Day Manicure

I swore off getting professional manicures a few years ago.  Without fail, I would chip a nail in the first two days...and then another...and another...and then I would just pick the rest of the polish off.  My nails also tend to peel when painted for too long, basically making this a recipe for manicure disaster.  I love having painted nails, but if it's going to be high maintenance, I'd rather just do it myself.

I blogged back in March about how much I loved the Essie Matte top coat because I could get about a week out of my polish.  Now I needed to find a top coat that would give my regular polish that same life span.

In that same post, I used a polish by butter London.  I have several butter nail polish shades, but I had never tried their base or top coats.  At $18 a bottle, these two products aren't exactly impulse buys.  I bought the base coat (Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat) a few months ago and have been super impressed by how truly flawless my polish goes on over it.  Most impressive, however, is how even the darkest of polish colors doesn't stain my nails.  Butter products are 3 Free, meaning there is no Formaldehyde, Tolulene, or DBP chemicals in their polish. I hoped this might help my peeling nail problem.  While it hasn't completely gone away, I do notice my nails are stronger and I can keep them painted for much longer than I ever could before. 

I loved the base coat enough that I decided it was worth the money to try the butter top coat (Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat).  I'm still a little in awe of this product.  My first time using it, I got eight...EIGHT...days out of my polish.  For me, this is an absolute miracle.  My gray lacquered nails survived a wedding, a serious house cleaning session and endless days of typing on my laptop without any chips or wear.  I've repainted my nails several times since and still no peeling!  I think I finally found a winner!

You can purchase butter products in Nashville at the Cosmetic Market in the Hill Center.  If you really want to see what butter has to offer though, visit their website.  Their polish names definitely rival OPI shades with names like Tramp Stamp, Diamond Geezer, and Frilly Knickers.  The new Fall collection even includes a tribute to Alexander McQueen, called All Hail McQueen.
Have you tried any butter London products?  What do you think?  I might actually consider getting a professional manicure again, but only if I can bring my butter products with me.