Trend - Emmys 2010

Once again the glitterati strut their stuff on the red carpet and Carla and I have chosen our fav dresses from this years Emmys.  It continues to amaze me that the actresses and stylists who choose to be creative or a little quirky get slated by the uptight and in my opinion pointless entertainment reporters.  Why should these woman play it safe when safe is so boring?  I mean the point of the red carpet is to showcase designers and promote actors and actresses right? Kudos to all the girls that are taking a risk when they step out of their limo's and hold their heads high as they make their way into these over rated award shows. (Sorry Carla)  And let's all remember that at the end of the day it's just fashion and fashion is fun!

Carla's photos are from and
Mizzie's are from Jeff Vespa, Vince Flores/AFF, Frazier Harrison/ Getty's