What's in the Ransom + Scout Bag? - Stephanie Van Hoesen of Nest Interiors

For this month's What's in the Bag? post, Mizzie and I asked our good friend and owner of the fabulous Nest Interiors, Stephanie Van Hoesen, to let us in on what she keeps in that awesome bag of hers....

Ransom + Scout's Apollo Bag:  Ransom + Scout's award-winning signature bag.  I love its "decidedly architectural shape and design."  And I love that people, men and women, notice it too.  They stop me on the street, in the grocery, everywhere really, and ask "Where did you get that bag?!  I've never seen such a bag!"  
It's a work of art on your shoulder.

This is definitely a bag meant to be worn with intention.  It's not a flippant bag you throw on with just anything.  It has a lot of personality.  My favorite outfit to wear with it is a fitted black sweater, a great pair of jeans and some fabulous boots.  
Definitely my Fall/Winter bag.

Buyers Guide Supplement:  From the lovely Atlanta Home Furnishings and Gift Market at AmericasMart.  This is one of many markets that I attend as a buyer for Nest Interiors.  This little puppy is a supplement to the 5lb. book they give you when you attend market.  I rarely look at the supplement, and yet, it somehow found its way into my bag and has remained there for two months.  What can I say, I'm lazy.  :)

Check from Edgehill Cafe to Nest Interiors:  Payment for all the fabulous new furnishings and renovations.

Business Cards:  At the moment, I have three in my bag, but that's because I dumped out twenty the week before.  I have two rolodex's of business cards and an "I have no idea who this is" box of business cards!
- San Lorenzo:  Italian-made leather bags and desktop accessories
- Avenue Bank:  The best bank in Nashville.  Concierge banking is awesome!
- Winn Elliot, owner of Brite Revolution and Edgehill Cafe:  Winn is taking over Edgehill Village and using Nest to furnish all his spaces.  I have him on speed dial and a business card, just in case ;)

Check Book:  Yes, I still use checks!  I hate paying bills online or over the phone!  I'm a paper and pen sorta gal.

Aderall Bag:  I'm A.D.D. and I own my own business.  How else would I function?!  This is my back-up in case I forget to take my daily does at home.  This happens often.

Calligraphy Pen, Silver Paint Pen and Ink Pen:  I love pens!  Pens of all sorts!  Like I said, I'm a pen and paper sorta gal.
Target Gift Card:  Oh Target, how I love thee!  Owning your own boutique limits shopping during the week.  Everything is closed by the time I leave except...except for Target.  It's become my favorite late night adventure. :)

Sunglasses from whats-in-store:  Lost my favorite designer sunglasses the day before the Nashville Brewer's Fest.  Thank goodness for whats-in-store and their $10 glasses!

Back-up Cosmetics:  I can't tell you how many times I've left the house without half my make-up on!  I always keep a back-up of my make-up with me at all times.
-Sonia Kaschuk Eye Shadows (love smokey grays)
-Almay Waterproof Mascara
-Sonia Kashuk lip gloss/lipstick
-MAC and Sonia Kashuk eye-shadow brush
- MAC eye-shadow (Shroom, the best color ever!)

Shout Wipes:  What can I say...I make messes.

Bausch & Lomb Eye Allergy eye drops:  A daily must!  Since I moved to Tennessee, I have year round allergies.  This tiny bottle is my life-saver!

Mango Lip Butter by Honey House:  Love this stuff!  Sold at N2skin in Edgehill Village.

Breath mints:  ...enough said.

Liz Claiborne Wallet:  I love the color and love the million and one compartments in this wallet.

Basic Guide to the HTC Evo 4G phone:  Do you have an Evo?  Have you tried to use the Evo?  It's a Google phone...think about it...a "Google" phone.  There is a million, yes a million, things to know and do on this phone!  It's a rockstar of a phone, but it requires you to go to school first before using it.  :)
*HTC Evo Phone is usually in my bag at all times, unless I am on it, which was the case when this photo was taken.
Thanks Stephanie for sharing your bag with us!  Visit Nest Interiors in Edgehill Village to see all the amazing home furnishings and accessories Stephanie has to make your house fabulous this Fall.  And mark your calendars for our Girls DIY Day Out at Nest on September 18 from 2-5pm.  More info coming soon!
Nest Interiors
1200 Villa Place in Edgehill Village
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