Trends for Less - J Brand "houlihan" Cargo Pants

Carla and I have been seeing these J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants everywhere and on everyone.  I love how they are not your average skinny jeans and can be worn dressed up or down.  This is not a pant for everyone, semi thin legs is probably a requirement for wear, but a great piece for back to school and the transition into Fall.  

They run $230.00 which is not extortionate but I wanted to find some similar pants for less than $100.00.  Here's what I found. 

The Trend for Less

Sanctuary skinny cargo pants - $119 
available in Nashville at Boutique Bella

Have you found a deal on the J Brand Pants or have you seen another line that is similar in any other Nashville Boutiques?  Let us know!
Do you wear the skinny fit cargo pants?  If so send us a photo and we will put it on the blog we would love to see how you're styling them!