What's in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag? Back to School Edition

For this month's What's in the Bag, Mizzie and I decided to go back to school...well, we thought we'd check in with two of our favorite collegiates to see what they're carrying in their bags this season.  Our first post comes from Kate Gombach, an art history major at DePaul University in Chicago and a budding stylist.  Here's what's inside her super cute Marc Jacobs bag.
I bought this bag a few weeks ago as a birthday present to myself. I actually went to the mall with the intent of buying a completely different bag, but when I saw this incredibly fabulous, incredibly green Marc by Marc Jacobs ('Classic Q - Hillier' Hobopurse on the sale table I fell in love!

Ok I guess I might as well admit it, I am what some might call obsessed with Marc Jacobs, hence the two Marc bags (I left the sunglasses out of this post for fear of overkill). Inside the makeup bag I have a mini assortment of lip balms because even though I am a makeup junkie (including lipsticks) I wear hardly any makeup and when I wear anything on my lips, balms are the only things I can stand for extended periods of time.

I am also obsessed with my Droid Incredible. I’ve only had it for a few weeks and it has already become my life (my favorite app is the steamy window!).  I am also in love with my five-year-old iPod video. I am dreading the day it dies and I finally have to breakdown and buy a new on.

Yes this is all trash. I got a new car at the beginning of the summer. The car was so new and clean when I got it I couldn’t stand the thought of letting it get dirty! So instead of throwing parking passes, concert tickets, straw wrappers and receipts on the floor, I throw all of them in my purse.                                                 

For such a large key chain you would think I would have more actual keys, but everything here has such sentimental value I can’t stand to get rid of any of it! The DePaul lanyard is great because it’s always the first thing I find when looking for my keys in my purse. As you can see by the car key and Honda keychain, I do drive a Honda (along with every other member of my family, literally). The hand sanitizer has come in handy many times and since it’s orange sapphire scented, it smells great too! The “K” keychain was a 16th birthday present from my mom (Ironically the bottle opener was also given to me by my mother when I was 16. It’s from my brother’s alma mater). The “I love Culver summer schools and camps” flashlight is very special to me because I do indeed love Culver. The strangest keychain is probably the retro-looking picture of the cat in the heart. My friend gave this to me because of my dislike of animals. It cracks me up every time I look at it :)

These are probably the most random things in my purse, but also the most useful. My friends always laugh at me when they see that I carry a lint roller, but it really does come in handy! No one wants to walk around in a black shirt covered in fuzz! The oil wipes are seriously a life savor when you get that mid-afternoon shine (plus they don’t take off your makeup!) Hand lotion is always good especially in the colder months (and especially when it’s black amethyst, my current favorite bath and body works scent).  The band-aid holder I threw in after my friend cut himself one day and didn’t have any band-aids in his house (typical boy). The flash drives (which I just realized are all blue?) are incredibly handy for schoolwork and whenever I am lucky enough to style a photo shoot and get a copy of the photos for my portfolio :)

Thanks Kate!  We're loving that bag!  Next week we'll get to peak inside Kerri Morabika's bag.  Stay tuned...