Cover It Up with Therapy Systems Better Than Cover

We've already established how I fall prey to the impulse purchase.  Well, it happened again, but this time I promise no mimosas were involved.  A few weeks ago, I went to the Cosmetic Market in Green Hills to replace my empty jar of Therapy Systems Oil Free Moisturizer and to see if they had butter London's new Fall nail polish collection (which they did).  I got what I needed, but as soon as the sales associate saw the Therapy Systems Moisturizer in my hand, she asked me if I had tried their Better Than Cover concealor.  I admit I had an inner conversation about how I knew she was going to give me the hard sell on this product, but just because that's her job, it didn't mean I needed to actually purchase the product. 

Reluctantly, I told her I hadn't used it before and she asked if she could try it on me.  "Arrrggghhh....How do I get out of this and not be rude?" is how the conversation was going in my head.  But what the heck, I've run the gamut of concealors, from drugstore Neutrogena to Bobbi Brown, MAC and Benefit and honestly, I've just never found one I totally love.  They either end up creasing or looking like I don't even have any on by lunch time.
As she dabbed the concealor under my eye she explained all of its benefits.  It has a 70% organic formulation with a custom antioxidant infusion of acai, green tea and raspberry leaf and it's sheer coverage is not supposed to cake or crease.  I admit, that even though I had the MAC Studio Finish concealor on that day, I could tell a big difference between the eye with the Better Than Cover on it and the eye with just the MAC product.  In the end, I made the purchase.  At $24, this was an expensive "test", but knowing that I didn't need to use very much product to get complete coverage, I'm hopeful this tube will last me quite awhile.   
It's one month later and I'm still loving this product.  It's evened out my red tones and dark spots much better than my other concealors and best of all it stays put all day.  Slowly but surely, I think I'm becoming a Therapy Systems convert.
Try Better Than Cover for yourself this weekend.  Mizzie is a Therapy Systems makeup artist and she'll be doing makeup applications at Private Edition from 12pm-5pm on Friday and Saturday.

If you've tried any other Therapy Systems products that you love, let me know!