Stella Spotlight: Nashville Boutiques - The Hip Zipper

If you want true vintage with a heart then The Hip Zipper is the place for you.  I have spent many hours sifting through the hand picked items and have found some real gems.  For example, a few years ago I scored a pair of gray leather heeled knee high boots that I still love wearing. They literally never go out of style. We recently caught up with the hip owner herself, Trisha Brantley, and asked her a few of our favorite questions about her varied vintage boutique in East Nashville

What was your original concept for the store and how has it evolved?
The original store concept is still pretty much intact today:  to operate a shop where folks can peruse a generous amount of authentic vintage clothing from all eras, in all sizes and styles, ideally appealing to a widely-varied demographic in the process.

Describe the vibe of The Hip Zipper in five words.
Consistent, affordable, quality, versatile, variety

Your boutique has so many fabulous items.  Will you give us 3 tips on shopping for vintage items at The Hip Zipper?

1.  I know it may not always be possible, but whenever you can, allow time to actually shop.   There's a lot to look at.  It can be overwhelming.  If you're in a hurry or if you need something specific, please ask for help.  We want to help if we can.

2. Use your imagination.  Unapologetically nurture your own sense of style.  Determine what looks you are attracted to, regardless of what everyone else is wearing.  Most all of the most exemplary fashion today is inspired by some earlier mark in the time line.   

3. Try clothes ON!  Most garments are not well-represented when judged solely by how it looks on a hanger.  Clothes do not wear the person, the person wears the clothes.  Garments come to life and have character when they are worn by someone with a hunch that they would look great wearing the garment!

If you had a mascot for your store what would it be? 
We have two. One's name is Gussie.  We also have an adjustable dress form named 'Chaka Khan'  because, well, 'She IS Every Woman...'

What is your favorite era of vintage clothing?
1950's.  Women were "fashionable & feminine" and men were "flattered & paying attention." 

How long have you owned the boutique?

I've been in business in East Nashville since 1999.   It was a brick & mortar site first, then shuttered in lieu of a temporary website, a monthly flea market booth, then back to a brick & mortar site.  It has been nurtured and supported not only by folks with a passion for vintage clothing, but by my neighborhood, the city, and those in the music & arts community.   I am so very grateful for every blessing. 

Name five of your favorite places in Nashville?
Shelby Bottoms Greenway 
Holland House on Monday night (dinner music by Tommy Keenum & James Haggarty)
Anywhere in Nashville, as long as I'm with my friends. 

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The Hip Zipper
1008 Forrest Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 228-1942 
Click here for map

Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-6:00
Friday-Saturday 12:00-7:00
Sunday 11:00-6:00

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