What's in the Bag - Alexis Foreman of The Brighton Style Memos

For our What's in the Bag post this month, we are featuring Alexis Foreman of The Brighton Style Memos.  I met Alexis on a Dove Real Beauty photo shoot in London. She is a fantastic graphic designer, blogger,mother of three boys and a perfect model for the Dove Real Beauty  campaign.  She brought such life and joy to the shoot and her smile literally lights up a room. She was so much fun to work with that I thought she would be perfect for our What's in the Bag post. Plus, I was really curious to see what a fashionista, mother of three would keep in her everyday bag. 

Since my best friend gave me this Alphabet bag on my 30th, it's been a faithful friend. Not that weather proof, or easy to find anything in, but always the bag that seems to go with whatever I may choose to wear in the morning.

Some items in my bag vary and some never leave. Here is what currently resides...

1) A very scratched iPhone.
2) My Booth & Bruce specs. They are a Brighton label which make them especially good.
3) Well worn Angel Jackson snakeskin purse.
4) Subscription Elle magazine. I keep the recent ones close and read when I get the chance.
5) My keys. Pokemon keyring was give to me by one of my sons.
6) Moleskin diary. I'm lost without it!
7) Round framed sunglasses from Topshop.
8) A picture that my eldest son drew for me. It's a bat.
9) Nurofen!
10) Always have a Mac lippy with me. Current favourite 'Diva'.

The Dove Real Beauty campaign that Alexis and I worked on will be out in January so we will make sure and do a feature so you guys can see our work. We might even tell you what Alexis was talking about to the photographer while she was being photographed.  Said with a smirk and my little finger positioned delicately next to the smirk, Dr. Evil style.