Mizzie Modifies:DIY Fashion - Painted Shoe Sole, Christian Louboutin Style

Step One: Find a pair of heels that have a worn sole or you can do this to a brand new pair of heels.  I chose a vintage pair of gold heels from Bloomingdale's. 


Step Two: You will need some masking tape and a small can of spray paint in the color of your choice. 

Step Three: Tape off the top of the shoes.  Basically put the tape anywhere you don't want to get paint on. 

Step Four:   In a well ventilated area simply spray a light coat of the spray paint onto the bottom of the shoes.  It really only takes one or two coats. Aw look how pretty.  

Step Five: My shoes had some damage on the toe strap that needed to be fixed.  I repaired them by stitching the tear together and then gluing it to reinforce the strap.  But I was left with this unattractive scar on the leather.  Soooooo....

I went out and purchased these gold flower broaches and pinned them over the scar and....... . 

voila!  Good as new,maybe even better?

Mizzie Modifies Tips:  Try colors like hot pink, of course red, purple or yellow spray paint. This modifies in particular is one I would love to see photos of.  Will you send me photos of your newly painted shoe soles?  

Happy Modifying!