Shop Like You Give A Damn - A Fashionable Vegan Blog: Cruelty Isn't a Good Look on You

This month, our favorite Vegan fashionista, Marcia Masulla, talks to us about cruelty free beauty products and gives us a few fantastic cruelty free product options along with some handy tools to help us find beauty companies who don't animal test.

Cruelty Isn't A Good Look on You

Fashion is so much more than just the fabric we stretch across our bodies or the straps and stilts on our feet.  It is also a dynamic yet stubborn part of culture that also translates to our lifestyles.

I considered this when I evaluated my daily beauty prep rituals that (hopefully) accent my best features in hair, face and body.  Did you know that American women spend more than 7 billion dollars annually on beauty each year? This is per a report titled, Beauty At Any Cost, published by the YWCA in 2007.  This averages out to about $100 per month per American woman.  Regardless of the current economic climate, us ladies value feeling and looking good!  When I made the decision to go Vegan, I also came across some very harrowing information.  Many of the products I used daily to brush my teeth, shave my legs, even out my skin tone, highlight my eyes, and even spritz on my neck were tested on innocent animals.

These living and breathing creatures were bred or pulled from the streets and forced to go through painful and cruel conditions so I could disguise a little acne on my face?  A sweet dog named Lola was confined and subjected to death instead of living her natural life because I needed to have softer and shinier tresses?  I felt my stomach turn at the absolute insanity of it all.  I knew I had to help stop these deplorable experiments and besides spreading the word through my work, my money had to do the talking.  Since I am a part of all of that cash being spent yearly, I vowed to boycott using any products that tested on animals.  Veganism also outlines that none of the ingredients used to make these products should be derived from animals either.

Here is a link to more information so that you can be informed on this issue and if you feel compelled, take the pledge to go cruelty free:

You may be thinking at this very second that this sounds like a tough commitment.  OR how can I really know who tests and who doesn’t?  Companies that do animal testing aren’t exactly advertising that they are taking innocent animals lives before their products hit the shelves.

Well you didn’t think I'd leave you hangin' did you dearie? Check out this helpful “Be Nice To Bunnies” iPhone application that makes shopping a breeze:


       Meanwhile, companies that don’t do animal testing hold their head high and are usually proud to let you know they aren’t down for cruelty.  Some simply state on their packaging that no animals were harmed, while others showcase kind little bunny icons.  Another reminder that these animals have a face and aren’t ours to mutilate.  Please consider this before you make your next purchase. 

Here are some of my favorite beauty products that value compassion and life. 

Kiss My Face Mandarin Ginger Lily shower/bath gel - $10.95

Bare Minerals Get Started Kit - $60

Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturizer - $24
L’occitane Neroli Eau de Parfum - $66

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash - $13

Smashbox Photo Finish  SPF Foundation Primer - $42

Kiss My Face Maple Sugar lip balm - $3.50

Urban Decay Vegan Palette with eyeshadows + eyeliner + primer - $34

Origins Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea – $38


Stila lip and cheek stain - $24


Hard Candy nail polish - $5

Share with me what cruelty-free products you are obsessed with and also where you purchase them. Take a stand for animals and look fabulous while doing so!

Thanks Marcia!

Definitely take a minute to look at the list of cruelty free companies found on  It's an impressively long list, with many names you'll recognize, making it that much easier to make a cruelty free choice.