Shop Like You Give a Damn – A Fashionably Vegan Blog: Naughty or Nice?

As someone who teeters a tad on Santa’s naughty list…ahem…NO COMMENT, I still feel swell because most of my choices are worthy of a gold star. So what if my late night debauchery concludes with many a wine bottle as a casualty?  Who cares if my priorities may need to be aligned every now and then?  Shall I afford groceries this week or that snappy little Charlotte Ronson frock from Two Elle?  I did NOT eat the last vegan red velvet cupcake. Chico did it.

I suppose living guilt-free will never really happen as vices small and large will always be the hurdles you face in life.  However, living cruelty-free is more attainable than you can even imagine.
Holiday Cards ($10) available at!
Whether you are currently vegan or not, I have hand picked some FABULOUS stocking stuffers to get you through the holidays.  These will certainly put a smile on the faces of not only your loved ones but also countless animals that you saved from being slaughtered for frivolous fashion, experimented on for vanity, and abused senselessly.

Get to know the issues and vow to ensure that all creatures have a Happy Holiday season!

Tata Harper’s Eco-friendly and toxin-free beauty products are all hand-made in Vermont and with a recent feature in Vogue, this collection will likely be a household name before long!  May I suggest the Starter Kit for you or yours?  Luxury for just $65!

Tom’s One for One mission which gives a child in a need a pair of Toms for each pair that you purchase has always led the compassionate way.  Their vegan collection is a notable movement in itself!  Snatch up a pair of the Love Is The New Black Men’s Classics for your fella and at $54, you can afford a matching pair for yourself!
Chico and Bellini are always at the top of my list, so I make sure to stock up on Max & Ruffy's vegan dog treats ($6.50-$9.50)!  These delectable dog charmers are made from scratch in Virginia using the finest, organic, and human-grade ingredients.  Chico approves of the Molasses Explosion flavor while Bellini prefers the W.P. Pizza.  You may choose from 6 hearty flavors that are available in mini bites or regular!
Luxury With A Conscience is the tagline for the self-titled company that gorgeous model Josie Maran founded in 2005.  I am personally addicted to the Magic Marker Lip + Cheek Stain ($19) and couldn’t imagine life without the Argan Oil Hair Serum ($30).  This anti-frizz treatment creates exceptional shine and is never greasy!
Seeking exquisite treats for grown-up palates? Allison’s Gourmet decadent cookies, brownies, caramels, chocolates, fudge, and toffee have been a delicious reason to be jolly this time of year.  Treat your boss, neighbor, or family to the Chocolate Lovers Gift Set ($45) and sign yourself up for the Cookie Of The Month Club which includes a dozen of their finest for $32 each month!  Sign me up. NOW.
Coined as the “Vivienne Westwood of eco” by Elle Magazine, Linda Loudermilk gets me giddy.  The Lily Top ($165) would make the perfect present for your bestie while the Wings dress ($225) is smashing for all of those holiday shindigs.  She can always borrow it, right?
Books always make the best gifts so try to make it by Davis-Kidd before they close up for good to pick these titles up!  These are my suggestions for some of the most interesting and informative that get the vegan stamp of approval!  Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron will enlighten.  The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone will inspire.  The Skinny Bitch series will make you howl out loud in laughter and bring awareness to a whole new level.  Trust me.  After reading this, I became a vegan.
Can’t forget the kiddies! Teaching kindness and values are what parents are for, so consider this adorable Animals Are My Friends tee for the little person in your life ($15).  Pair it with 100% organic cotton denim trousers from La Queue du Chat ($45) and this prodigy can take strides to change the world!
Lastly, I have already hinted that Green Wagon gift certificates are on my most wanted list to my circle of friends.  What could possibly be better than using them towards gallons of Booch Kombucha ($26), Purely Clear makeup brushes ($10-$20), and all of those delightfully GREEN workshops they offer?  I can’t think of anything, can you?

Happy Holidays!

XO, Marcia, Chico, and Bellini too!