Stella Spotlight: Nashville Boutique - MADE

If you're on my holiday gift list this year, chances are good you'll be receiving a gift from East Nashville's newest boutique, MADE.  This shop is truly a Stella dream.  It's super affordable and stuffed to the ceiling with tons of goodies made by local crafters, artists and some of our favorite designers like Amanda Valentine, Shea Steele and Shannon Lea. Our photog, Jessica McIntosh, said it best, MADE is like a real-life local Etsy.

Ashley Sheehan, owner of MADE, stocks the store with an assortment of art, housewares and jewelry, some of which is made by her, as well as a well-edited collection of vintage apparel for men and women.  She can even paint a portrait of your favorite pet in a suite.  This is one very busy lady!  Ashley graciously took some time out of her afternoon to tell us more about MADE.

What is your concept for MADE? I want Made to be a very accessible shop for both the customers, the crafters and artists. A laid back spot where you can find one of a kind gifts that were made right here in the ‘hood.

Describe the vibe of the store in five words or less. Quaint, cute and charming.

If MADE had a mascot who or what would it be? It would have to be a fawn, sweet and a bit mysterious. Deer have always inspired me.
Some of your own handiwork can be found around the store.  What goodies in the shop are 'made' by you? I have been embroidering a lot lately so the men's ties, the colorful embroidered necklaces, the pillows, the collage art, including animals in suits, along with other random pieces throughout the shop.

There are some fabulous gift items in the store.  What are some of your favorites? I love the candles from Alchemy of Sol, the handmade shirts by Shannon Lea’s People Like Art, Amanda Valentine's altered vintage dresses, the feather hair flair by Emily of Craftville, the totes and prints from Pine Street Makery, wow I just keep going…

Is everything in the store sourced from Tennessee? 95% of all the creations are made right here in TN.
What are five of your favorite places in Nashville? Southern Thrift, Gas Lamp, Silly Goose, Ugly Mugs, and Pre to Post Modern.

What inspires you? Grey Gardens (the documentary), anything from the 60’s, people doing good for others (a trait I have watched my parents carry out through the years), outsider art, vintage children’s books, great magazines like Lula,my favorite bands like Belle and Sebastian and the Magnetic Fields, my friends and sisters, the little things in life like a great laugh with great friends…

Visit MADE this Saturday, December 4 on the East Nashville Holiday Vintage Boutique Crawl.  Select items will be 20% off.  Make sure you receive Stella in your Inbox.  We have a coupon this month good for 20% off your purchase of $20 or more.


717 Porter (Portland & Eastland in East Nashville)
Wed-Fri, Sun 11 am - 5 pm
Sat 11 am - 6 pm

For more photos from our MADE shoot, visit the Stella Facebook page. Photos by Jessica Rai Photography.

Naked Without Us Designer Spotlight – Amanda Valentine

Over the next couple weeks, Mizzie and I will be profiling the designers who will be featured during the Naked Without Us Fashion and Music Festival, April 19-24.
We're kicking off this series with a designer and stylist who is no stranger to NWU events, Amanda Valentine of Valentine Valentine.  Amanda will be a featured designer on the NWU Originals Fashion Show on Saturday, April 24.
All of Amanda's pieces are one of a kind and made from reclaimed fabrics and patterns.  She also makes super cool necklaces and rings.  (I have a bit of an addiction to her cocktail rings.  They're amazing!  I own three and I wear one of them almost every day.)
Amanda took some time out from her recent vacation in Los Angeles to answer a few questions for us.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?

I love studying different cultures... from places I've never been.  I think growing up in the Midwest made me really curious about the world out there.... I'm really fascinated by the ancient cultures- Egyptians, Mayans, Incas... But I love the struggle of those rich ideas, textures, shapes, patterns transposed onto a modern garment.
Who are your three favorite designers and why?
This changes but my all time, constant is Yves Saint Laurent.  His work in the 60s and 70s defined the eras.  I saw his "Mondrian dress" when I was about 12 and I was hooked.  Also right now I love Alexander Wang.  He has a refined sloppiness that is so hard to nail.  I also love Vena Cava.  Two amazing girls who design for the thinking girl.
What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
To pick a favorite color is like picking a favorite child.  Can't do it.
Name two of your favorite bands right now.
War Paint (new) and XTC (older).
List five of your favorite places in Nashville.
My studio in Germantown, Holland House, my secret favorite Goodwill, Mercy Lounge, Natchez Trace.

Here's a look at some of Amanda's amazing jewelry and a few photos from her recent Fight Club shoot with fellow NWU featured designer, Shannon Lea.

Naked Without Us All Access Passes are still available, but not for long.  They're only $30 and you can purchase them now at Grimey's.