Stella Spotlight: Nashville Boutiques – Clothing Exchange


If you've ever sipped your coffee at Fido and wondered what the line across the street was all about, we're here to tell you, it's for the Clothing Xchange.  That line means there's a buying and trading frenzy going on inside, which means soon there will be more fabulous items filling those racks just begging to come home with you.  You should probably head over there right now...well, after you finish reading this blog, of course.  
Clothing Xchange has quickly become a Stella fave (and one of Google's Favorite places too!).  There is an awesome vintage selection here, and the best assortment in the city of independent apparel and accessories labels, some of which are Nashville based.

We sat down with retail maven, Marcia Masulla, to get the low down on what makes the Clothing Xchange tick.  Here's what was fit for print. ;)

How has the Clothing Xchange evolved since it’s inception? 

Clothing Xchange has undergone many updates since owner Kelly Paul purchased the business a few years ago. The original name of the business was Planet Xchange when it was purchased at it's Cool Springs location. Although the business was thriving, Kelly envisioned a more creative atmosphere that featured premium recycled apparel and accessories, unique vintage assortments, and supported emerging independent designers. The first major change was a move to the bustling, yet down to earth, Hillsboro Village neighborhood with other like-minded businesses in 2007. Next, she brought on motivated staff that included a retail specialist, Marcia Masulla, to complete her vision. Store renovations, new branding, logos, and an aggressive advertising campaign that focused on their Eco-friendly brand were put into place.

What item or items in the store are “must-haves” for winter? 

We are really thrilled with our current inventory that includes a little something for just about everyone.
Here are some picks that we think are just snazzy...
Men's vintage Western shirts - They usually don't last very long when they hit the racks priced between $14 - 24. You don't have to just be a Nashvillian to appreciate these...besides who knows what country crooner was the previous owner.
Kensie Girl booties - They are literally the most comfortable and sassy little boots a gal could own. Did we mention that they retail for a wallet-friendly $50?

Bitchcraft - We have to restock frequently on this locally designed collection of hair pins, clips, headbands, and necklaces. These fun pieces feature various materials and fabrics such as feathers, laces, pearls and are another budget friendly option to stay chic. $12 - $18 


What are some looks you and the staff love right now? 

The staff and clientele are a melting pot of various looks and lifestyles.

Jeffrey is flaunting his au natural Rock and Roll style but with an intellectual twist.
We suspect that the muscles may be implants however.
Dustin tweaks his questionable stache' while in deep thoughts about how much he loves his vintage faux fur coat. He is also wondering if Jeffrey's biceps are implants or if he is just happy to see Dustin...

What is Chico’s favorite item?

Chico has indiscriminating taste and is just smitten over the introduction of Pet apparel, accessories, and gift items that we introduced around five months ago. He became BFF's with Kristin of Lucky Pup Boutique and was able to negotiate us offering huge savings on her remaining items. Chico is naturally the top sales person in our "Dog City" section located near the register area.

What are you looking for in the vintage clothing you carry? 

We take pride in offering a distinct and well-priced vintage section that has grown substantially in the last six months. We now offer a dedicated shopping area for our clients who are interested in our vintage offerings. We accept items from many genres but have a strong affection for the 1950's, 1960's and the wacky and slightly tacky 80's of course. 

Are there any tips you can give readers regarding how they can get the most (cash or trade) for the items they bring in? 

As you can imagine, we are very busy with the Buying/Trading aspect of business. With the economic climate in the last few years, consumers are now seeking cash payouts at an all time high. Clothing Xchange advises that customers check our website daily for Buying/Trading updates that communicate what types of items we are in need of and our buying practices for that day. We have literally had lines nearly every morning for the last year with consumers seeking our cash payouts. All of the recycled and vintage items you are interested in selling/trading must be clean, in good condition, and stylish.

If there was a soundtrack for the store, what are some of the songs that would be on it? 

We sometimes have to arm-wrestle when we decide whose iPod gets the most playtime, because the staff's taste is all over the board. It only makes sense that many musicians are or have been employees or business associates!
We like to make them blush by rocking out to their very own tunes:
Name five of your favorite places in Nashville.
Clothing Xchange is a huge supporter of all independent businesses and we try to support them in any way that we can. Here is just a sample of some of our favorite places! 
Belcourt Theatre - Our neighbor, our friend. Independent film, music, and theatre. Nuff said.
Patterson House - Great vibe, great food and cocktails
Centennial Park - The Parthenon! Chico also digs the walking trails and all of the events that occur here that include Movies In the Park.
The Green Wagon - We take every possible step to go Green here at the shop and we love this general store.
Ryman - Music makes the world go round and this is the place to experience it. 

What is your message to your customers? 

We genuinely appreciate every person who walks into the shop and want to offer the best in Vintage, Recycled, and New merchandise. We also support the Nashville fashion scene and feature independent designers and artists. Our Buy/Sell business makes up a major part of the nuts and bolts of our store and we look forward to receiving the best in your closet! Stop by, you may be surprised by what you may find. 

What inspires you?
All creativity.....and Chico of course.

Marcia and her little man, Chico

Special Deal for Stella Readers!!
Mention Stella or Stella Shops at the Clothing Xchange during the month of January and receive 25% off your purchase.  Woo hoo!
1817 21st Ave. South in Hillsboro Village
Open Monday through Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

Get in the loop on selling and trading and all the fun happenings at the Clothing Xchange.  Follow them on Twitter at @ClothingXchange and become a fan on Facebook.