Shop Local Retailers and Help Flood Relief Organizations

It's amazing to see some of our favorite Stella stores and vintage dealers graciously offering to donate percentages of their sales to flood relief efforts throughout the month of May.  The outpouring of generosity I have seen and heard of this week is just astounding.  It makes me very proud to be a part of this community.  Shop these stores this weekend, volunteer if you can, donate if you can, conserve water and don't forget your Mom this Sunday! 
Goodbuy Girls are collecting vintage and contemporary clothing donations.  Proceeds from these collected items will go to the Community Foundation of Middle TN.  Drop off any fashion goods including dresses, purses, shoes, etc., this Saturday from 9am-6pm at their store at 307 N. 16th St. next to Alegria.  Please click HERE for more details.

Speaking of Alegria, now through Sunday, 10% of every purchase will be donated to flood relief programs.

The Hip Zipper will be collecting household items, clothing and pet items throughout the month of May. These items will be delivered daily to those organizations who need them.  Also 25% of all profits will be donated to flood relief efforts, specifically Hands on Nashville.  Please click HERE for a detailed list of items the Hip Zipper will collect. 

Two Elle is our Stella Spotlight store this month. So print out your Two Elle coupon and take any clothing donations you have to the store this weekend.  Don't have a Two Elle coupon?  Check your Inbox for a Stella email or if you're not on our email list, sign up and we'll send it to you!

Update! For every exclusive Two Elle "Nashville" t-shirt sold, Rachel will donate an item of clothing to flood victims.  Shirts are only $25!

Venus and Mars - The Showroom on Belmont has partnered with Ashleigh Prince to be a drop-off location for clothing items.  Please click HERE for more information.

Online, check out jewelry designer, Freshie & Zero.  Congratulations to Freshie Beth who just had a baby!!  Her website shop is closed until June while she is on maternity leave, but she has listed a number of items on her Etsy site.  50% of all Etsy sales during May will go to flood relief efforts.
For the next 30 days (well, 28 now), Troubadour Vintage will donate 30% of each purchase to flood relief. 
Closet Case Vintage will donate 10% of each purchase to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee through May 15.  Carmen wrote a great blog today which you can read HERE.  She posted a few heartbreaking photos of the city and also featured some awesome new items she has up for sale at her Etsy shop.
For more information on where you can volunteer or make donations, please refer to this post from Nashvillest.  It is the most comprehensive list out there and they continually update it.
As I finish this post, tonight's Flood Relief Telethon just ended.  $1.7 million was raised.  Yazoo and Imogene + Willie each raised $6,000 at their respective events tonight and last night the Mercy Lounge raised over $11,000.  Truly amazing.
Keep supporting these events and keep supporting your community!  We are Nashville.

May 7 - Donate furniture this week to Nest Interiors in Edgehill Village and receive 30% off a purchase of your choice in the month of May!  Make sure you stop into the Nest with your donated items, so they can add you to their list for this special offer.

May 8 - Via fellow blogger Annie of Annie Spandex, we learned of two more vintage dealers who are donating percentages of purchases to local flood relief. 50% of proceeds from items purchased from MouseVox Vintage will be donated to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennesse through May 17.  100% of proceeds from items purchased from Little Ocean Annie will be donated to Hands on Nashville through May 15. 

Other boutiques taking donations are...

West End boutique, Boutique Bella is collecting non-perishable food, bottled water, toiletries, sunscreen, cleaning supplies, pet food & supplies, clothing & shoes, & financial donations.  You can bring these items to Boutique Bella & receive 15% off your purchase during the month of May.

Flavour on Demonbreun is collecting household items like toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, diapers, cleaning supplies, staple food items, boxed fans, etc.  Hours are 10:30am-8pm Monday through Saturday. 

Weekend Celebrations and Sales

April was a packed month full of fantastic fashion events like Fusion and Naked Without Us.  Mizzie and I have so many photos from Naked Without Us, we're still pouring through them figuring out which ones are the best to post. 

After seeing tons of fabulous fashions by Nashville designers, I'm pretty excited for the Local Honey Spring Designer Premier Party this Friday from 6-9pm.

Check out designs from some of our favorites like Shannon Lea, White Rabbit (Local Honey's Shea Steele), Valentine Valentine, Amy B and Jamie & the Jones.  The store is packed with tons of things to get you ready for Summer.  Make a purchase of $20 or more and get entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate.

Read more details here.

Happy Anniversary to our friends at whats-in-store!  They're celebrating their 10th year!!  Make sure you head to either the Edgehill Village or Franklin store to take advantage of the  fab deals below.  These savings are way too good to pass up and if you haven't been to whats-in-store lately, you need to!  They have some killer necklaces, bracelets and cocktails rings right now.

Also celebrating this weekend is Nashville Clothing Company in Cool Springs.  They're two years old!  Oh NCC you had me at "super sale", but now you're teasing me with SKEEBALL?!  See you Saturday.  The party's going on from 11am-7pm.

It's a mega-sale at the Clothing Xchange on Saturday.  There are some great finds there right now, so take advantage of the deals on fall/winter clothing, but also be sure to check out their designer originals from InTheSack Designs and our friends at Squasht and Modern Cowgirl

This is the last weekend for Fabu's Everything Sale.  If you're still looking for your hat for Derby or Steeplechase, you might find it here.

 Mark your calendars!!  This is going to be a good one...

Happy Shopping!

NWU Fashion Shows – Emerging Designers Part 2

What: Fashion event showcasing emerging designers.  18 & Up - $10 Cover

When:  Friday April 23rd
           Doors open @ 8pm

Where: Mercy Lounge - 1 Cannery Row  Nashville, TN 37203-4153

Who: ShebaBub Clothing, Love Simone, Pink Elephant, Cajun Moon, Modern Cowgirl, Becca Lou


Where do you draw your inspiration from for you collections?

My mother had a handmade children's clothing company when I was little, and when I began to sew in high school and college she passed along an extensive collection of her leftover fabrics (most are from the late eighties and early nineties, too). Prints of puppy dogs, kittens and cupcakes have sparked a love for designs that reflect a childlike sort of well as the idea that I can be 22 years old and still wear poufy dresses, ruffles, and even the occasional bow in my hair.

Who or what is your muse or inspiration for your Naked Without Us collection?  Will you give us a sneak peek at the collection?
My inspiration for my Naked Without Us collection was actually one such piece of hand me down fabric. It is a colorful print with little paper dolls on it. I had this image in my head of a whimsy girl who loves to daydream and isn't afraid to play dress up. I used a lot of tulle, reconstructed vintage slips, and bright colors.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Free time is hard to come by lately. I'm currently an entrepreneurship and fashion student at Belmont University, and between writing my business plan, sewing, and managing the on-campus boutique Feedback Clothing Co., I tend to be pretty occupied. However, when I do snatch a moment here and there, I love to enjoy a nice cup of English breakfast tea, sketch (read: doodle), or read (Kurt Vonnegut short stories are a favorite). 

Name two of your favorite bands right now.
Two of my favorite bands right now are Joanna Newsom (I just saw her a few weeks ago at the Mercy Lounge...she's fabulous to listen to while sewing!) and Belle and Sebastian. 

List 5 of your favorite places in Nashville?
My little house in Sylvan Park that I share with two of my close friends, Sweet Cece's (I'm there getting delicious frozen yogurt more than I care to admit...), the Goodwill outlet to look for vintage suitcases, 12th and Porter on Saturday nights for free dance parties, Savant Vintage Couture (it was one of the first vintage stores I went into in Nashville when I first moved here 4 years ago), and Bongo Java for coffee and grilled cheese.

What is your favorite movie to watch for design inspiration?

I went through a phase last year where I was rather obsessed with the dark and somewhat Victorian costumes of the movie Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Colleen Atwood designed those costumes..I think they're genius. 


Becca Lou

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections? 

Vintage fashion, personalities, and everyday life. I think it would be splendid to one-day base a collection on the wonders of the world. 

What or who is your muse or inspiration for your Naked Without Us collection?  
My Grandma Ruby’s Jello surprise. You never knew what color/flavor you were going to get and what surprise of fruit lurked inside. 

Can you give us a sneak peek at the collection? 
I’m using several different fruit prints mixed with other bright fabric and vintage cuts. There will be a pair of shorts, dresses, skirts, and a couple of rompers in the mix.

Yazoo’s Hefeweizen label is the inspiration for one of your pieces.  Can you tell us what direction you’re taking with this piece? 
I’m producing a dress that’s a fruit print, which is fitting to me because the label portrays a serpent giving a woman a bottle which is representative of an apple traditionally. The print I’m using is lemon. It seemed sunny and happy. The cut of the dress is simple, but also fun and flirty. 

Who are your three favorite designers and why?
Betsey Johnson-She brings out the inner child in me. I hear a little voice telling me that wearing things that don’t match at all look great together. To top it off she tells me to throw on a pair of sparkling heels and a sequined bag and to not think twice about it. 
Marc Jacobs-He’s brilliant. Funk and class mesh perfectly in his designs.
Karl Lagerfeld- I respect him immensely for his dedication to the industry and for the influence he has been producing worldwide for decades.


What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
Grass green.  I feel like it's my happy power color. 

What are five of your favorite places in Nashville? 
12th & Porter, Mercy Lounge, Shelby Park, Wine Loft, and TN Antique Mall. 

**Yellow sweater photo courtesy of 4050 Photo.


Also featured on Friday's Emerging Designers Fashion Show are...

Be sure to read Part One of the Emerging Designers Fashion Show blog for profiles on Sheba and Bub Clothing!

Naked Without Us Fashion Event – Emerging Desginers Part 1

What: Fashion event showcasing emerging designers.  18 & Up - $10 Cover

When:  Friday April 23rd
           Doors open @ 8pm

Where: Mercy Lounge - 1 Cannery Row  Nashville, TN 37203-4153

Who: Sheba, Bub Clothing, Love Simone, Pink Elephant, Cajun Moon, Modern CowgirlBecca Lou


Sheba is designed by local designer Courtney Buttons.  

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your collections? 
I get a lot of inspiration from looking back at the way women used to dress. I love vintage and think it is important to learn about the history of clothing. My collection is inspired by the 1920s. I found a lot of great information on 1920s French lingerie while doing research for a project. I felt so inspired. It was all so beautiful I knew I wanted to do a collection inspired by those photographs I found.

Who are your three favorite designers and why
Alexander McQueen - He was a genius and one of the most innovative designers around. 

Valentino - I feel my style is closest to his collections before he left his business.  And his collections were just beautiful and classic.

John Galliano is my third favorite because he uses a lot of inspiration from the past and his collections are so different from anything I have ever seen. He always surprises me.

Yazoo's Hefeweizen label is the inspiration for one piece in your collection.  Can you tell what direction you're taking with this piece? 
I am doing my own take on the yellow that is wrapped around the woman in the logo.

Name two of your favorite bands right now. 
The Strokes. The Dead Weather.

List 5 of your favorite places in Nashville.


Bub Clothing is designed by local designer Aimee Spencer.

Where do you draw your inspiration from for you collections?
I really enjoy trips to the fabric store and usually don’t have an agenda while “hunting” for my fabric.  I love color and texture and most times leave it up to the trip to find something I want to take home and play with.  I think that’s where I find most of my inspiration.  It can also be from music, quiet daydreams and visions of ideas that find their way into my dreaming.  I can really be just sitting there and have a thought and rush to my sewing machine or grab fabric from my fabric cabinet and begin a piece right then and there.  I think this is what people do when they sketch; however, I differ in that I don’t really sketch my ideas.  Maybe that’s why they stay fresh is because my palette is my dress form. 

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time I love to hang out with friends outside (when it’s not freezing or raining!) usually over a dark beer and smokes (I’m a social smoker).  I also love music and both love to listen, go to shows, and play guitar and a little piano.  Mostly though, I love to hang out with family from my mom that lives here, my boyfriend and his daughter who is 9 and stunning, to my Pug, Nushi!  I just adopted a Pug from the Music City Pug Rescue in October and now I know what it means to be in love with your dog!  She is 7 and absolutely one of the best parts of my day.  I also love tennis and when I can find time…..will be out on the court.

Who are your three people you admire and why?
My grandmother, whom I’ve named my label after.  She was an inspiration in life and in her death by cancer a few years ago, I wanted that bit of her to live on.  She was a trend-setter, beautiful, strong-willed, stubborn, convertible-driving, natural beauty.  My nickname for her was grandma Bubba and the label name I chose is a spin off of that.  

My second person/people are the fellow designers that I’ve gotten to know from NWUAmanda Valentine, Shea Steele, Hana Hattori, Shannon Lea, Amy B, Becca Lou……I could go on, because of where they are, how far they’ve come over the last several years, and how great they each are.  I’m flattered to be included in such an amazing group of women and designers. 

And Grace Coddington.  I just love that she started as a model and has carried her career to new heights being one of the world’s top stylists.  I know that her modeling career was cut short due to an accident, but nonetheless, she came back even stronger and more effectively as a stylist for one of the world’s top fashion mags.  She’s amazing and I love that she knows what she likes and isn’t scared to say it.

List 5 of your favorite places in Nashville? 
Imogene + Willie, 12 South Tap Room, Marathon Village, Rumour’s East, and last but not least (and there are many more I’m not naming),  Grimey’s Record Store on 8th


Also featured on Friday's Emerging Designers Fashion Show are...

Be sure to read Part Two of the Emerging Designers Fashion Show blog for profiles on Love Simone and Becca Lou!

NWU Designer Competition & Silent Auction – Designer Originals Could Be All Yours

Last night at the Rutledge, Mizzie and I had the chance to take a peek at the amazing garments being auctioned off for the Yazoo presents NWU Designer Competition & Silent Auction which benefits the Rob Bironas Fund


Thirteen Naked Without Us designers submitted pieces using Yazoo's Hefeweizen logo as their inspiration.  The results are pretty freakin' cool....custom yellow Chuck's anyone?  The designer with the highest bid will take home a prize package courtesy of Yazoo & NWU, but you also have the chance to take home a one-of-a-kind, designer original for your very own.

Now through Saturday, the auction garments will be on display at the Naked Without Us Fashion & Music Festival.  You will be able to donate $5 per chance to win the garment of your choice.  Or if you know you can't live without it, $200 gets your favorite piece in your hot little hands right now.   

100% of the proceeds benefit the Rob Bironas Fund which helps implement music education programs for Nashville's children. You can learn more about the Fund and how you can contribute here.

Take a look at the garments that could be all yours...    
                                         Cajun Moon                                      Jamie and the Jones

                                     Shannon Lea                                            Sheba
                                       Love Simone                                Amanda Valentine
                                             Becca Lou                                         Mary Ink
White Rabbit                                         Amy B
     Pink Elephant                                 Bub Clothing

Auction items will be displayed tonight at the Exit/In and Thursday through Saturday at Mercy Lounge.  Visit for more information.

NWU Fashion Shows – Boutiques @ Mercy Lounge

What: A fashion event showcasing clothes from Nashville boutiques including some Stella Fave's.  18 & Up - $5 cover

When: Thursday April 22nd 

Where: Mercy Lounge 1 Cannery Row  Nashville, TN 37203-4153 


 Located on West End, Studio 615 has fast become a favorite of Stella.  Darnice has stocked her clean, white boutique with beautiful, classy-with-an-edge clothing at affordable prices.  Her accessories are stunning -I recently fell in love with a bejeweled flower ring I saw at the Fusion 2010 event - and they add the perfect amount of bling (see I said it again) to any ensemble. 

The first time I stepped into Diamond Star Halo in East Nashville I knew I discovered something very special.  Libby Callaway, former fashion editor of the New York Post, created an eclectic space full of unique pieces she has hand picked from all across the country.  I am personally super excited to see what she brings to the runway on Thursday.

 Monkee's is a ladies store beyond your "girlie" imagination; known to carry the
   finest lines in shoes, clothing and accessories. They pride themselves on first class customer service. And I have to say I have only been there a few times, but the employee's always great me with a smile and are eager. but not too eager, to help me find what I am looking for.

Wear it Out Manuel

 Carla had the privilege of meeting Manny's father, Manuel, who designed iconic clothes for Elvis, Johnny Cash, and all three Hank Williams when she judged the fashion competition at Fusion 10.  Manny is bringing Limited Edition garments from  their past collections as well as the haute couture created in his father’s shop in Nashville, to the stage at Mercy Lounge.  I am hoping to see a decent amount of rhinestones on these pieces.   Man I love rhinestones!
We recently interviewed Manny about his show at Naked Without Us and this is what he had to say.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?
 I get most of my inspiration from my culture,(Mexican-American) travels and in dreams. I rarely look at magazines due to the fact that I try to keep all my design inspiration personal and unique and never want to feel like I'm missing out on something that everyone is doing the same as.

Who are your three favorite designers and why?
Valentino.  The elegant and sophisticated lines in the men's collections are always unique and classy.  The women's collection's silhouettes are incredible with all the different layers of different fabrics and leathers used in pants and tops are divine!
Salvador Dali.  AMAZING!!! The incredible abstracts to surrealisms and colors that he would draw and the inspirations were to die for!!

Manuel Sr.If it wasn't for my father attaching me to his hip everywhere he went, as a child, I would not have his incredible encouragement to do the the things I do!  His silhouettes and different types of fabrics, leathers, hardware, embroideries and rhinestones are so different than what anybody is known for using.

What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
Green, makes me feel like I'm a plant and keeps me growing, HIGHER and HIGHER  and always attracts everyone's attention!!

Name two of your favorite bands right now.

List five of your favorite places in Nashville.

Your father, Manuel, has been referred to as the “Rhinestone Rembrandt.”  How has that influenced you?  When did you start designing?
In every way!! I was born in 1972, and raised in the North Hollywood and the Toluca Lake area. I started sewing at the age of 6, with Manuel's employees watching over me to take care that I didn't stick my fingers with the needle. By age 7, I was doing it by myself and Manuel's boot maker, Jose Jimenez, tutored me in the crafts of leather working, tooling, boot stitching and cutouts. My father also instructed me on the art of hat blocking. Every day after school I would go to my dad's shop, and after finishing my chores I would work on my own creations such as leather wallets, purses and other accessories. These were sold in Manuel's shop and the sales money became my allowance.  Over the next several years I created clothes for many of my fathers famous clientele and collaborated with him in doing so, not to mention the suit that Johnny Cash was laid to rest in.

Naked Without Us Fashion Event – The Originals

Saturday, April 24 Naked Without Us concludes an amazing week of fashion and music with The Originals Fashion Show at Mercy Lounge.  We are super excited for this show as it showcases some amazing local and national designers, a few of whom we've already featured like Valentine Valentine, Squasht and Clare Bare.  We had a chance to interview two other fabulous Nashville designers whose collections will be featured at The Originals Show, Amy Breen of Amy B Clothing and Shea Steele of White Rabbit and Local Honey fame. 

Amy B
Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?
Inspiration comes from many things.  A place, a song, a dream, etc.  My sisters are always in mind for every collection.  They're a very big part of my inspiration.

What or who is your muse or inspiration for your Naked Without Us collection?  Can you give us a sneak peek?
This collection stemmed from the movie, "The New World."  Native American dress and feather necklaces.  I wanted a slight tribal feel to be present in the collection.  I stick with my usual black and white with splashes of color.  Using pleating, braiding and draping to create hidden details throughout the collection.
Yazoo's Hefeweizen label is the inspiration for one of your pieces.  Can you tell us what direction you're taking with this piece?
I'm going to go with a Grecian approach using that bright blue as my main palette.

Who are your three favorite designers and why?
Alexander McQueen - always an inspiration, Stella McCartney and Aurelio Costarella, who I had the honor of working for in Australia.  An amazing person and designer.

What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
Black.  It's slimming and easy to wear.  Plus, when you wear black you can use crazy colors in other areas.  Shoes, eye makeup and earrings.  I love my giant gold hoops.

Who are two of your favorite bands right now?
I've been listening to a lot of Billie Holliday and Santigold.

What are your five favorite places in Nashville?
I'm always ever at two places, Jackson's and Clothing Xchange, my two places of work.  When I do get out, I like Centennial Park, South Street, PM, Cosmetic Market and my apartment most of all, cause I'm never there.

Shea Steele

Where do you draw your inspiration for your collections?
Right now, I'm super inspired by children's artwork, but I draw inspiration from basically everything.  Being a super intuitive person and having a wild imagination, I can be inspired by something as subtle as a feeling.  Clothing is a powerful vehicle for expression, just like visual art, so using various combinations of color and shape can evoke a strong response.  I'm essentially a glutton for rich color and absurd graphics.

Who are your three favorite designers and why?
It's  hard to put my finger on any particular designer as a favorite.  It would be like trying to name three favorite songs.  There are so many people making clothes and so much evolution from collection to collection that I rarely pay attention to any specific one for a significant amount of time.  However, I can say Vivienne Westwood and Sonia Rykiel have caused a number of my deaths.

What is your favorite color to wear and how does it make you feel?
I am a lover of contrast and I currently have long vibrant red hair, so there is an abundance of blue in my closet.
Who are two of your favorite bands right now?

What are five of your favorite places in Nashville?
Brown's Diner.  Belmont Boulevard.  The Downtown Library.  The furniture section at the Salvation Army.  The home of any one of my endlessly creative and talented friends.

Also showing collections at The Originals Fashion Show are Shannon Lea and Jamie & the Jones.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance or at the door.  All Access Passes for the Festival are still available at Grimey's or can be purchased at the Naked Without Us Kickoff Party tomorrow, Monday, April 19 at Hard Rock Cafe.  Visit for more information.


Naked Without Us Event – Boutique Crawl hosted by Stella

What: Boutique Crawl  - all ages FREE

Shop til you drop next Friday evening at some of our favorite Nashville boutiques and enjoy special Naked Without Us discounts.

Bring 3 different receipts to the NWU Emerging Designers Fashion Show at Mercy Lounge that night and qualify to win a prize package of over $700 in gift certificates to participating retailers. 

When: Friday, April 23rd from 5:00 - 8:00pm  

Where: East Nashville, Hillsboro Village, 12th South, Edgehill Village, The Gulch, & West End


Nest Interiors - 20% off all items (excluding art, perfume & consignment items). Customers who purchase any item that evening will receive a $15 gift certificate.

What’s In Store  30% off if you mention NWU with refreshments & treats


Posh - Serving Amp energy drinks & free tote w/purchase

Monkee's - Modern Cowgirl Trunk Show

Two Elle - Live Entertainment & 10% off your total purchase if you mention NWU 

Hemline Interactive customer “Look Book” photoshoot w/ champagne & treats

 The East Side Boutiques

The Hip Zipper:  20% off your total purchase if you mention NWU & Street Party w/food, drinks, and Live Entertainment

The Green Wagon15% off if you mention NWU & Live Entertainment

Goodbuy Girls: 70’s music button giveaway w/15% off coupons good through the end of April 

Alegria: Raffle for a Hobo International clutch & a jewelry trunk show

Humankind: Kari Beth jewelry designer trunk show/ 2 for 1 scoops coupon for Pied Piper


Hillsboro Village Boutiques

Posh - Serving Amp energy drinks & free tote w/purchase

Fire Finch - 15% off if you mention NWU

Clothing Xchange  - 15% off if you mention NWU – 25% off if you have an All Access Pass and Squasht designer trunk show (discount does not apply to Squasht)


12th South Boutiques

Imogene & Willie  


The Gulch Boutiques

Nashville Clothing Company  


West End Boutiques

Studio 615 - Clare Bare designer trunk show/ 20% off if you mention NWU (excluding Clare Bare) w/refreshments

Boutique Bella - (Only open from 5pm-7pm) 15% off if you mention NWU


Recently Added!

Wear It Out Manuel - 25% off the entire store!  Located at 1001 Dickerson Pike.


And as a bonus, Yazoo will be served at most participating retailers!  Visit for more information.

We'll see you on the crawl!

* Boutique Crawl attendees must attend the Emerging Designers Fashion Show to win prize package if they have qualifying receipts from the participating boutiques*

Fusion – A Festival of the Arts

This coming Saturday, April 10 marks the sixth year for Fusion: A Festival of the Arts.  Benefiting the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, Fusion is the largest young adult cancer awareness event in the country.  This year's event will once again be held at the Cannery Ballroom (and Mercy Lounge) and will feature more than 150 local artists encompassing music, art, film and fashion. 
Mizzie and I are excited to be a sponsor this year, as one of the new additions to the event is a fashion boutique where you will have the opportunity to buy garments showcased on the runway as well as from local jewelry artisans, vintage dealers and boutiques.  A few Stella faves will be there like Closet Case Vintage, Studio 615, Gin-O Boutique, Nest Interiors and Southern Skirts.  Come prepared to shop!!

We had the opportunity to learn more about the event from co-founders, Heather Karls and Brenda Davenport.  This is a picture of Heather and Brenda at last year's Fusion which was celebrating it's fifth birthday.

How has the evolution of Fusion affected you and your expectation of the event?
Heather Karls:  When Fusion started, I never imagined it growing to be as big as it is.  In some ways the event has taken on a life of its own and I love that.  Honestly there are things about doing this event that have changed my life permanently. When we started, the goal was to do a one-time fundraiser for a local cancer foundation and now it's grown to not only be a platform for emerging artists in design, art & film, but also to be a vehicle to spread the message of young adult cancer awareness. 

Brenda Davenport:  I was living in Colorado taking care of my mom who was in treatments for breast cancer and got a call from Heather one January afternoon with "a great idea".  I packed my bags and moved back to Nashville.  So Fusion has literally moved me.  From that first year in the penthouse of an office building to now spanning two of Nashville's premier venues, Fusion has really taken on a life of its own.  I don't think Heather or I ever anticipated it to be what it has become.  It's so exciting to see it expand its reach to more and more of Nashville's young adults.  We always hoped it would raise awareness in the Nashville community of Young Adult Cancer, so it's truly fulfilling that it does. 

What has been a stand out moment from past Fusion events? 
HK:  I always think that the most meaningful part is getting to hear from cancer survivors my own age about their experience and the thoughts that were running through their mind as they went through the treatment process.  Cancer Survivors are some strong people and it's beautiful to get to see their hearts and get the message out. 

BD:  There are such a multitude of great Fusion moments.  But ironically, some of the greatest moments for me have not even been AT the event.  When I'm out talking about the event to local businesses or promoting it to people I run in to, I get to hear some amazing stories about people's journey through cancer.   At the circus-themed I'm Still Beautiful this past year, Heather and I had a Fusion promo booth in which we were playing gypsy fortune-tellers and handing out fortunes.  We had numerous people come up and pull out silly fortunes all night, but towards the end of the evening a young woman came up who was in treatments that pulled out "You will live a long and beautiful life".  The celebration that ensued was truly memorable and brings tears to my eyes even now as I type this.  Another event-memorable time was talking to a young woman that had come to Fusion 2007 that was currently going through treatments.  It was the first time she had been "out" in months and was so grateful for a chance to be feeling like a "normal, healthy, and young person again."

Has Fusion always benefited the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation?  How did that partnership begin?  
HK & BD:  Yes, we approached them in 2005 and it just grew from there. 
How do you feel about Fusion being the largest Young Adult Cancer Awareness Event in the country? 
HK:  I really hope that Young Adult Cancer Awareness spreads to the point that all young adults are aware that they're not immune and are taking responsibility for their own bodies. 

BD:  Awed, humbled, nervous.  If you ask Heather or myself, or any of our Executive Board, we will all tell you that at the core Fusion has had only one goal from it's very inception.  If even one young adult becomes aware that cancer is not a respecter of age and begins to take care of their body by getting their annual checkups & changing to a preventative lifestyle, then Fusion has all been worth it and we've done what we set out to do.  Our size just increases that audience.

What new things can people expect this year? 
HK:  The Fashion Boutique is new this year.  Not only will you see designs on the runway, but this year you can actually purchase one of a kind garments directly from the designer.  It's an opportunity to not only get something totally unique, but also to support local art and talent.

BD:  More space!  Last year was a sold-out event and was so packed.  Our expansion this year has allowed for a more comfortable evening but still holds all the thrill that people expect of Fusion. We're also quite excited about the addition of a Fashion Boutique that will allow people to actually purchase items they've just seen on the runway.

In 10 words or less, what would you say to someone to convince them to come to Fusion 10?
HK & BD:  FASHION. MUSIC. ART. FILM. benefiting the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. 
What are your five favorite places in Nashville?
HK:  UAL. Venus & Mars. Sytar. Tenno. Posh.

BD:  If we're talking fashion, wherever Heather tells me to go, I'm not very fashion-saavy.  :)  In general, Fat Straw, TPAC, Bookman/Bookwoman, The Perch, Whole Foods. 
Here are a few fashion and art photos from last year's Fusion.

Tickets are available for purchase in advance at www.nashville  General tickets are $15 and VIP tickets are $50.  Tickets will also be available at the Cannery the day of the event for $20.  Festivities begin at 7pm.  See you there!

Mark Your Calendars - Naked Without Us - April 19-24

We've been hinting about Naked Without Us for a few weeks and now we have some festival details for you.  The most important thing you need to know...Buy your All Access Passes!  There are a limited number and with over 20 amazing, independent designers and over 30 regional and national bands, you're not going to want to miss a night.  Passes are $30 and you can purchase them now at Grimey's.
As we lead up to the event, we'll have dedicated posts profiling the designers and boutiques who are a part of the festival.  But for now, here's your sneak peek at the NWU schedule....

Monday April 19th
Monday's kickoff party is open to the public and best of all, it's free!  And not only is Chancellor Warhol one of the music acts that evening, his clothing line, Marti McFli is part of the Street Tees Fashion Show on Wednesday.

Tuesday April 20th 
The Yazoo Designer Competition and Silent Auction begins Tuesday and runs through Saturday.  Participating designers have been given the Yazoo Hefeweizen logo to use as their design inspiration for one piece of their collection.  The results will be auctioned off in a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the Rob Bironas Fund.

Wednesday April 21st
Panels will be held Wednesday and Thursday at Belmont University discussing the relationship of Fashion and Music.  Wednesday evening's fashion show will feature Street Tee designers, like Marti McFli 

JUST ANNOUNCED!  The super cool Boy Meets Girl will be headlining the Street Tees show!!

Thursday April 22nd
Thursday concludes the Fashion and Music Panels at Belmont and this evening's fashion show will feature some of Nashville's best (and some of Stella's fave) boutiques.

Friday April 23rd
Friday means it's time for the Stella Shops Boutique Crawl!!  We're really excited for the crawl and we'll keep you posted on participating stores, trunk shows and other special offers.  Friday evening is the Emerging Designers Fashion Show featuring a fantastic group of designers like Squasht from Chicago and Clare Bare from Brooklyn.

Update:  Check out our post on the Boutique Crawl for all the info.

Saturday April 24th
Saturday afternoon will be your shopping opportunity with the Naked Without Us Marketplace.  The Marketplace will be located in the Gulch and will feature NWU designers and boutiques with live entertainment and refreshments at Urban Outfitters.  All access pass holders will receive 10% off their total Urban Outfitters purchase on Saturday too.  The evening will conclude with the NWU Originals Fashion Show at Mercy Lounge featuring amazing designers like Amanda Valentine of Valentine Valentine Clothing and Amy Breen of Amy B Designs.

Don't Be Late - Part Deux

Here are a few more special offers and events for you this weekend!
Rebecca Taylor's Spring collection is flirty, modern and fun.  Check it out for yourself this weekend at Emmaline's in Franklin.

It's Spring cleaning time and that goes for your makeup bag too!  Head to The Cosmetic Market for these Spring deals this weekend...

This is the last few days of Diamond Star Halo Vintage's booth at the GasLamp Antique Mall in Berry Hill.  After five years at GasLamp, Libby Callaway has decided to close up shop here and spend more time selling from her East Nashville location inside Fanny's House of Music (and host of Fanny's Frocks V! this Sunday!).  This means everything in the Gas Lamp booth is super on sale.  50% off through March 27, and then are you ready...90% off the last four days of March.  You know Libby's selection is always amazing, so you don't want to miss this one!
Gas Lamp Antique Mall is located at 100 Powell Ave in the Staples Bldg in Berry Hill. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm and Sunday, Noon-6pm.

 Are you on the Stella mailing list?  If not, join now so you can take advantage of the special whats-in-store coupon that's valid in-store or online through March 31!

Over the next few weeks, you're going to see a lot more posts about these two events.  We're very proud to be sponsors of Fusion 10 and Naked Without Us and we'll be profiling them during April.  Tickets for both events are on sale already, so buy your tickets now!

Fusion 10, a festival of the arts benefiting the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, is scheduled for April 10 at the Cannery/Mercy Lounge.  We'll have more event details for you soon, but you can get your tickets here....

The Naked Without Us Fashion and Music Festival is scheduled for April 19-24 all around Nashville.  What you're really going to want for this event is an All Access Pass and you can purchase those now at Grimey's!  Stay tuned to Stella.  We'll have designer profiles and more event details for you starting next week.  And mark your calendar for Friday, April 23 because from 5pm-8pm, you're going to want to be on the Stella Shops Boutique Crawl!

Happy Shopping!

Don't be late for these very important dates

Start your weekend off with Alice and a tea party at Fabu!
The Cotton Mill is featuring a tibi Trunk Show this Friday, March 26th.
Yard Sale at The Green Wagon on Saturday from 8am-12pm at their East Nashville location (1100 Forrest Ave)!

Fanny's Back!!  Hooray!!  Our favorite vintage dealers will all be in one place for Fanny's Frock! V this Sunday afternoon from 11am-5pm at Diamond Star Halo Vintage in Fanny's House of Music (1101 Holly Street in East Nashville).  I can guarantee you will not leave here empty handed, but don't forget to bring cash or your checkbook.
Get this one on your calendar for a week from Thursday.  On April 1, Nest Interiors and the boutiques of Edgehill Village will host a Girls Night Out.  Stella will definitely be represented at this affair...after all, there's champagne and sweets involved!  Shop the boutiques and receive 20% off your purchases (excluding art and perfume).  And don't miss Colleen Whitver's re-purposed vintage jewelry at Nest.  She has some gorgeous pieces.  My new favorite DvF necklace came from her collection that was at Nest over Valentine's Day. 

We'll see you out and about this weekend!

Weekend Event Round Up

Hopefully you've all survived your St. Patty's Day celebrations and are ready for a great weekend.  We've got a few new sales & events to let you know about for Friday and Saturday.  
This is the last weekend for whats-in-store's free jewelry giveaway.  The giveaway and registration for the $500 accessories shopping spree ends on March 24.  Click the flyer below for the coupon you can take to the store.

Are you a Stella email subscriber?  If not, be sure to join, so you can take advantage of this month's whats-in-store special deal.  It's valid in store and online through March 30.

Want to try a Therapy Systems Glycolic Peel?  Purchase $50 worth of Therapy Systems and you can get one free!  This is a great deal and a great way to try another one of Therapy Systems amazing products.  I just started using the oil-free moisturizer this week and I LOVE it!

Atelier in Green Hills (4113 Hillsboro Road by the Bluebird Cafe) is moving to Harding Road across from St. Thomas Hospital in Belle Meade.  But before they open their new store, they're having a huge moving sale. This Friday and Saturday, March 19 & 20, everything in the store is 20% off from 10am-6pm.

While you're in Green Hills, visit H. Audrey in the Hill Center this weekend.  All winter clothing is 70% off!

And go say hi to our friend's at Two Elle.  They have some fabulous goodies on sale too.  I am loving my new Modern Amusement plaid shirt dress!

If you haven't already heard, Mizzie and I are very excited to be sponsoring two awesome fashion events in April.  We'll be posting a lot more about them in the coming weeks, but check out their websites and get your tickets now!

Happy Shopping!

St. Patty's Day Special Offer and Weekend Events

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Will you be celebrating today?  Nashville readers - is anyone hitting the East Nashville St. Patty's Day Pub Crawl?  
We know these posts usually happen a little later in the week, but we've got a special offer that can save you a little green today. 
Today's Groupon is from our March Spotlight store, whats-in-store!  This is a great deal.  You can get a $50 gift card for only $20.
If you've read our spotlight, then you know we are loving their Spring collection.
Remember these?
Make sure you are signed up for the Stella mailing list.  We have a special whats-in-store offer for Stella subscribers only.  It's valid in store and online until March 30!
Obviously, March is the time to stock up on your Spring accessories!  The special offer below is valid through March 24. Click HERE or on the flyer to get a printable coupon you can take to the store.
Now that you're all set on jewelry, how about shoes?
And you can round out your weekend with a little more jewelry...
Atelier in Green Hills (4113 Hillsboro Road by the Bluebird Cafe) is moving to Harding Road across from St. Thomas Hospital in Belle Meade.  But before they open their new store, they're having a huge moving sale. This Friday and Saturday, March 19 & 20, everything in the store is 20% off from 10am-6pm.
Happy shopping and have a safe and fun St. Patty's Day!

Beat the Winter Blahs This Thursday and Friday

I know it's the winter blues, but my skin pretty much has a case of the "blahs" right now.  I've been reaching for the bronzer lately which means it's time to get a little color.  You can get a jump start on your summer glow this Thursday and Friday at The Cosmetic Market. Click the link HERE or the flyer below to get a printable version you can take to the store with you.

And who doesn't want to feel fabulous in 10-minutes?  The Bare Escentuals Artists can you let you in on their secret at The Cosmetic Market Thursday and Friday.

This is the last week to use your Stella Special Deal Coupon at The Cosmetic Market.  Our deal expires on March 15.  Click the link HERE or the coupon below to get a printable version to take to the store with you.

Weekend Sales and Events - March 5-6

Anyone else suffering from Spring Fever?  I had my fill of snow last weekend in Cleveland,  so I'm definitely ready to lose some layers and get outside.  While you're out and about this weekend, stop by these stores and take advantage of their special offers.
Saturday is the last day the Green Wagon's Sylvan Park store will be open.  This is the perfect time to stock up on some essentials for 25-50% off!  And if you haven't heard, the cutest baby goat in the world, Bette Bruce, will be there too.  It's worth the visit just to see her in person.  Look how sweet she is in her tiny sweater...
whats-in-store's free jewelry and shopping spree giveaway is going on all month long.  Print the coupon HERE or click the flyer below and take it to either the Edgehill Village or Franklin whats-in-store to receive your FREE jewelry item and be entered into the shopping spree.  
Are you receiving Stella emails?  If not, be sure to sign up to receive our special subscriber-only offer from our March Spotlight store, whats-in-store.  You have to be on our email list to receive the coupon, so sign up now!
This Friday and Saturday, visit the Cool Springs Cosmetic Market for a Therapy Systems Makeover Event!  This is your time to talk to one of the Therapy Systems artists to determine which products will work best for you.  We blogged about Therapy Systems a few weeks ago.  I'm still loving my enzyme peel!  Click the link HERE to see what other Therapy Systems products are on special this weekend.
And don't forget your Stella Special Deal coupon is valid on Therapy Systems purchases made at the Cosmetic Market either in store on online, so this is the perfect time to try out something new!  Click the coupon below to get a printable version you can take to the store or use promo code STELLASHOP for online purchases.
Enjoy the weekend and happy shopping!

Weekend Sale Time

Here is this week's round up of sales and events...

Congratulations to our friends at The Green Wagon.  They have 1,000 Twitter followers!  To celebrate, everything in the store is 35% off tomorrow (Friday only), with even bigger savings at the Sylvan Park store!  This is a Twitter sale though, so make sure you mention Twitter at check out.

Last night, we kicked off our Stella Special Deal with our Spotlight store, The Cosmetic Market.  Print the coupon below and take it to any Cosmetic Market location or use the shipping code, STELLASHOP, to save online.

Get 10% off at UAL through Wednesday, Feb. 24.  Click the image to get a printable version of the coupon to take with you.

Local Honey is overstocked, so they're having a party Friday night.  That means you can get 30% off their entire stock from 6-9pm!

If you make a purchase tomorrow evening, you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Certificate.  Woo hoo!

Humankind turned one-year old this week!  Celebrate with them tomorrow from 6-9pm.  Print the image below to receive 15% off your purchase through the end of February!

As always, we'll update this post throughout the weekend.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook for daily sale updates.
Happy Shopping!

The Three C's of Valentine's Day

You may have thought the three C's stood for cut, color and clarity, but they're not the only three C's that matter...and trust me...they do matter.  The other three C's are a lot more fun.  They are Champagne, Chocolate and Cupcakes.  Whenever these three are around, they just seem to make everything a heck of a lot better.  And if you have any combination of these C's, you can pretty much guarantee Mizzie and I will be around.
As luck would have it, a few local boutiques are offering the C's beginning Thursday in celebration of Valentine's Day.
Our friends at Nest Interiors really shouldn't have offered Champagne and Chocolate on Thursday, Friday AND Saturday.  I may be parked there all weekend!  Here is just a sample of the super cute gifts you'll find there.  That hammered ring may need to be mine and I love those mini crown votives.

Cheers to the three C's.  Mizzie and I wish you much Champagne, Chocolate and Cupcakes this Valentine's Day!

Stella Weekly Sales & Shopping Events

I admit the snow was pretty fun last week, but I'm over it now.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get the weather they've been talking about on Saturday, because there is just too much shopping to do.  Aside from the Super Sale in Downtown Franklin, there are some great events and consignment sales going on that you really shouldn't miss.
Here's the weekly run down...

her Nashville presents Fashion for a Fraction benefiting EDCT this Saturday, February 6 from 10am-4pm at Spaces in Belle Meade.  Shop deeply discounted clothing, denim, handbags, jewelry and accessories from Stella favorites like Emmaline, Fabu, Ivey on Main, Moda Boutique, Nashville Clothing Company, Posh, and Studio 615. Tickets are only $5 and you can purchase them here.

A Year Well-Blogged Consignment Sale - Our friends at Style Blueprint are having a huge consignment sale Friday from 9am-8pm.  You can take home some serious designer clothing, shoes and accessories for a steal.  We're talking Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Badgley Mischka and DVF, just to name a few.  Check out this post for all the details.

Brave the winter weather this weekend and head to two elle and take $20 off your purchase of $50 or more this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This is the last weekend for their winter sale too...bring on the bargains!!

Check it out! It's whats-in-store's Franklin store and in addition to some very cool Spring jewelry, they have new clothes too. Visit them this weekend and get 40% off one regular priced jewelry item and 15% off a new clothing item.

Gin-O Boutique is also participating in the Franklin Super Sale this weekend.  All clothing is 15% off and select clothing is 40%-75% off. 

The other Super Sale going on this weekend is at the Green Wagon Sylvan Park location.  Unfortunately, this is a closing sale.  Yes, the Sylvan Park store is closing, but Jen has something great up her sleeve, so no need to worry.  You can still visit her at the East Nashville store.  We'll keep you posted on the exact closing date, but until then stop by often and see what kind of great deals you can get!

Our friends at the Cosmetic Market have lots of fun February specials for you. A few are posted below, but click the link here to view this weekend's special offers.

Did you know you can shop UAL from the comfort of your couch?  That's right.  They're launching their online store soon, but you can get some amazing designer shoes on their Ebay store for cheap, cheap, cheap.  The bidding on most pairs starts at $0.99!  I've already got my eye on a pair of Moschino's.  This could get dangerous quickly.
I hope you find some excellent deals this weekend!  Send us photos of your finds and we'll post them on the blog.  And if you're not already, be sure to follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook to get daily sale updates.
Happy Shopping!

Naked Without Us Event Tonight

Naked Without Us is a diligent brand that is a well recognized force for empowering Nashville socially, culturally and economically through events such as fashion shows,festivals, and other events.  Tonight's Road to Naked Without Us, is the first of three events leading up to the Naked Without Us Fashion & Rock Festival in April. 

Who: Jypsi 
When: Tonight Friday, Jan 22nd
Where: 12th & Porter