Twelve Days of Christmas Outfits

With all the holiday parties and shopping trips in our futures we thought that it would be fun this holiday season to post twelve outfits inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas.  You can sing along each day if you like, but that is totally up to you and possibly the people around you. : )

1. Jamie and the Jones - The Brown Dress
2.  Sleeveless -  Hook Bracelet 
3.  Butter London - La Moss
4.  Modern Cowgirl - Luck be a Lady Ring Set
5.  House of Harlow Jewelry - Available at Posh

Happy Holidays,

Trend - How to Wear the Camel Coat Winter 2010

“Camel looks indulgent like winter white, but has the pragmatism of gray and black. It’s the best of both worlds. ... A camel coat evokes throwaway glamour,” says Michael Kors.

Trend: Camel Coat
Designers: Alexander Wang, Chloe, Dries Van Noten
Where it with: Denim, Gray, Black, Stripes

The Camel Coat is more than a trend it's a wardrobe staple and has been for years.  Check out this ad for a pure camel hair coat from a 1930's newspaper......

I would wear this today wouldn't you?  Yum! A true classic!  And I agree with Michael Kors.  Every time I see someone, man or woman, in a camel coat I think they look very put together and well off.  The Camel Coat really can be worn in any style from disheveled rock chic like Kate Moss to the sophisticated nautical look of the far right photo. When shopping for your Camel Coat think texture and what fabric is best for your climate and body shape.  

To be honest with you, I don't own anything that is camel colored, but after researching this post, I am going to be on the look out for my new neutral, camel. 

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The Lookbook's Fashion Friday - How To Wear It: Love & Flak Bullet Necklace

This week's Lookbook Fashion Friday item is Love & Flak's bullet necklace.  I'm obsessed with these vintage necklaces made from old bullets (the one featured is from WWII), Civil War finds and other military inspired pieces.

Here's how Sierra from the Lookbook and Mizzie styled it.

You can find Love & Flak's pieces in Nashville at Muse Boutique on West End.  How would you wear the bullet necklace?  Let us know!

Trend - Baroque 'n' Roll Fall 2010

I love rock 'n' roll!!!  So of course I love Baroque 'n'  Roll.  Ever since seeing Balmain's flawless execution of this trend on the runway I have wanted to see it interpreted in real life.  I've asked one of my favorite bloggers the always bang on trend, local fashion blogger Zarna to show us how to wear one this seasons super cool trends.
"My interpretation of the Baroque 'n' Roll trend took me straight into my vintage collection.  I wanted defined shoulders, elaborate prints, and rock inspired accessories.  I found this skirt and was immediately drawn to it because of the Baroque inspired print and I went with the blouse because it had defined shoulders that reminded me of the Balmain runway.
The key to wearing a Baroque 'n' Roll inspired outfit without spending thousands of dollars is to go vintage - you will definitely find prints and details similar to the ones on the runway! Be sure to mix the vintage finds with a few rocker pieces from your closet like a leather jacket, a killer pair of heels, or a great belt!"
I think she nailed it!!  What about you??  Have you worn this trend?  Wanna share your interpretation with us.  Send us your pics and we will post them on the blog.

The Lookbook's Fashion Friday - How to Wear It: Marc by Marc Jacobs Catty Q Printed Franny Bag

If you've been following the Lookbook, then you know each Friday a fabulous item is featured on the site.  We wanted to style around that item, so voila!  We bring you our "Fashion Friday - How to Wear it" collaboration.  Each Monday, Mizzie and the Lookbook's Editor, Sierra Jacobson will style the Fashion Friday item for you.

Friday's item was this gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs Catty Q Printed Franny Bag.  

Here's how Mizzie and Sierra would style it... 


 How would you style this Catty Q Franny Bag? 

Trend - How to Wear Leopard Print Fall 2010

I have never been a big fan of Leopard print anything. It's just soooooo easy to get it wrong that I have steered clear of anything animal print aside from one throw pillow on my sofa of many many throw pillows. But this season I am seeing spots on bags, vests, scarves and even trousers and guess what....I like it.  Somehow this new muted minimal use of leopard print has convinced me that I can safely wear the patterned print. To get some ideas on ways to wear it, I asked Nashville based super stylist Connie Richardson for some advice.  Here is what she had to say. 

Connie Cathcart-Richardson
Creative Director + Stylist
Leopard is THE print for fall, but proceed with caution. There is a fine line between chic and tacky with this perennial favorite. Head-to-toe animal print is not a good look on anyone. Not even Peg Bundy could pull it off. And don't even think about wearing colored or Lycra spots. Leopard was never meant to be blue or stretched. Don’t be wooed by all of the cool trendy leopard pieces out this season. They’re just that…trendy. Instead think of leopard as a timeless classic where less is definitely more.  Invest in ONE quality spotted statement piece – a classic-shaped handbag, shoe, hat or belt, a cashmere scarf or gloves - to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe for years to come. Splurge on a pencil skirt, fur vest or sleek jacket for an edgier vibe. Best when worn with black, camel, brown, grey, army green or dark denim, a hint of leopard is guaranteed to give any outfit extra oomph. Keep your hair sleek and makeup minimal to insure that confidence is the other thing that roars.
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(l to r),,,

Trends for Less Fall 2010 - Over the Knee Boots

On the Street

In my Dreams 

 Frye Over the knee Boots - $448                 Robert del Carlo Over the Knee Boots - $700

In my Reality 



I'm personally excited about the continuation of the Over the Knee Boot trend for Fall/ Winter 2010.  Last year, I scored a wicked pair of flat black over the knee boots that are as comfortable as they are cool. I can't wait to get back to London to wear them.  Are you planning on wearing this trend this season?  If so send me some photos of how you wear them.  I would love to see how you guys are styling them.

Trend - Gold Jewelry by McGowan & McClain

I've been on a mini quest for some good quality low price gold jewelry the last few months and the other day while visiting Stephanie at Nest I came across a ring and a necklace she had that fit the bill.  These handmade designers pieces are designed by  McGowan and McClain located in Chattanooga, TN.  They are made of high quality vermeil so I should be able to wear them for years to come and I didn't have to take out a loan to pay for them.  

What do you guys think?  Any other gold jewelry designers you recommend?  I am loving these and am kind of interested in maybe another necklace to layer with this one. 

Shop Like You Give A Damn - A Fashionable Vegan Blog

Our favorite fashion maven, Marcia Masulla, is back and this month she takes on Fall's hottest trends...vegan style.
The Cat’s Meow 

The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands 
something more than this. – Mark Twain

Most of you who are reading this were already aware that curves and fur were both predominant on the runways several months ago.  Now these fleshy concoctions have made their way into major retailers and boutiques for the impending Fall and Winter seasons.  You are probably addicted to the current episodes of Mad Men that are filled with lewd acts, and more importantly, the vivacious Joan Holloway too.  Dressing like a lady wasn’t an option back then, but an absolute must, as Joan, Peggy, and many of Don’s flavors of the month expertly showcase. 

Arguably, there isn’t anything better for your curves than a brilliant jewel tone belted dress and a little faux fur to set the tone for the chilly weather.  Kitten heels are also clawing their way out for comeback but this broad isn’t totally buying into the hype.  My gams MUST be showcased in towering heels to get the full va va voom effect!  Trust me, when you’re petite and have an hourglass shape, Sir Mix A Lot will be the only fan of legs that replicate tree trunks!  Admittedly cruelty-free designer Stella McCartney offers up nice options with her nude slingback kitten heels.  The flesh tone faux patent leather will assist in making my legs look as long as possible considering the missing 5 inches of height.  An added bonus: Prada’s knee high socks may add some interest to your legs and keep you warm at the same time.  I would just make sure to avoid wool because it’s not only terrible for the sheep, but your cankles as well!

There are MANY available options that deter away from using animals for their flesh.  Did you also know that we wreck havoc to the eco-system when we use chemicals to treat leathers, furs, and suede products?  Animals on fur farms such as raccoon pups are slammed to the ground, beaten, strangled and anally electrocuted for merchandise that is shipped to retailers in the U.S.  Many of these creatures are still alive and blinking while their skin is being ripped from their bodies for fur trimmed apparel and accessories.  Sorry to be harsh but it’s very much a reality.  Please consider being both compassionate and on trend when you choose Animal Prints in lieu of Animal Skins.  For more information on the cruel fur and leather trade industry, please head to and  You can choose to make an informed decision on where you stand with this very important issue.

The envelope pushing Chanel with the magnificent Karl Lagerfeld at the helm is faking it on the runways with faux-fur.  This tweed coat can kill your savings account at $6,995 but let your jaw drop over these faux fur-licious boots!  Who needs the real thing when you can fake the funk like this? 

So maybe purchasing $2,000 faux-fur boots from Chanel isn’t in your near future.  Here are some of my favorite chic ideas for a cruelty-free + environmentally responsible wardrobe for the upcoming season.  You can thank me later by buying me a cocktail from the Patterson House, a filthy martini ……or two?

What Goes Around Comes Around is one of my favorite sources for vintage.  They also offer up dynamic vintage inspired collections that will make your heart flutter.  The Lucinda capelet adds charm and sass to both dressy and casual attire.  $198

This twist on the classic trench is made anew with charming wooden buttons and a detachable faux fur collar!  What a perfect topper over a vivid frock or some black slim pants….priced at an affordable $120 at

If you’re jealous of Fido and are aching for a little more fur, check out this wildly FABULOUS faux vest also from  Made from 75% MODACRYLIC 25% ACRYLIC you can sleep better at night about your compassionate choices.  Treat yourself to two at just  $80!


Year after year, animal print accessories make their way to the front of the class.  Embrace this sophisticated yet tongue in cheek style by spicing things up a little. Accent your wardrobe of black, camel, denim, and red with a hint of your wild side.
The Baez bag has a canvas tiger print lined with faux suede lining and is the perfect bag for your day looks.  Priced at an affordable $135.


Perhaps you prefer to let your inner wild child out at night?  Mat & Nat’s Santogold made from neutral vegan leather and 100% recycled faux suede is the answer.  You may prowl the website and with this $198 purchase you score free shipping!


Kate Spade seamlessly translates class and sass with her Fall collection of tailored pieces.  Jewel tones will surely get you noticed at work and at the lounge.
The rich tone of Kate Spade’s embellished Gail dress will make any girl want to twirl. You can check out the Kate Spade collection at Monkee’s in the Hill Center or at for $425.


Black Halo has always designed sculptural dresses that are very aware of our womanly curves, but they created a true classic with their Jackie O dress.  This gorgeous below the knee stretch sateen number is available in jewel tone colors, classic black, and a vintage inspired floral print for $375.  A small price to pay for a dress you will wear for years to come.

I happen to love skipping a trip to my tailor because the cropped flare of these J Brand jeans will look smashing with the dreaded kitten heel, animal print cardigan, and crisp white shirt.  The perfect modern ladies who brunch outfit!  Head to for the best $159 you’ll spend this season!

How delish are these saucy little cardigan combinations?  Camel + faux fur make a major statement all the while conjuring up some mischief.  The little animal print + floral cotton cardigan are the best of both worlds!  Both are part of the Charlotte Tarantola Holiday collection and will retail for around $120.  For more information head to

Vivienne Westwood teamed up with plastic connoisseur Melissa Shoes to produce some girly kicks that include some of my favorites, The Lady Dragons ($130).  These fun peep toes are made from recycled plastic and will look fabulous with a full skirt, skinny cigarette pants, or your denim!  I chose the vivid red color because Don Draper certainly wouldn’t be able to keep his paws off of me. 


UK based Beyond Skin offers up incredibly comfortable and on-trend kitten heel and mid-heel options that will look cute and contemporary with the thick nubby knee-high sock trend Prada strutted down the runways.  You or nobody else will notice that these sturdy and sumptuous shoes are made from the finest faux-leathers! Prices range from $85-$220. Check out

Snatch up a pair of Rachel by Rachel Roy Skinny Ponte pants that are actually a hybrid of leggings and pants.  These adorable cropped wonders will surely be a staple for work and play.  Your credit card will not sweat at the $89 price tag when you go to


Add this watercolor floral print blouse from Tulle as a topper for the Rachel Roy trousers shown above.  This pattern is inspired by pieces from the busty ladies cascading down the runways for Louis Vuitton.  The ruffles in the front and ¾ sleeve have a throwback 1960’s quality for a sliver of the price at just $53 at


Eco-friendly and Vegan collection Vaute Couture had a smashing NYC Fashion Week debut of their coat collection this year.  How could you not snatch up The Audrey as it grazes your calf and features a unique origami contrast to the already feminine silhouette?   It is also available in Black and this season’s favorite shade, Camel.

 Mizzie and I are looking forward to Marcia's monthly posts on how to be fashionably vegan.  Regardless of whether or not you are vegan, there are some really cute and affordable options here.  Thanks Marcia! 


Trends for Less - J Brand "houlihan" Cargo Pants

Carla and I have been seeing these J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants everywhere and on everyone.  I love how they are not your average skinny jeans and can be worn dressed up or down.  This is not a pant for everyone, semi thin legs is probably a requirement for wear, but a great piece for back to school and the transition into Fall.  

They run $230.00 which is not extortionate but I wanted to find some similar pants for less than $100.00.  Here's what I found. 

The Trend for Less

Sanctuary skinny cargo pants - $119 
available in Nashville at Boutique Bella

Have you found a deal on the J Brand Pants or have you seen another line that is similar in any other Nashville Boutiques?  Let us know!
Do you wear the skinny fit cargo pants?  If so send us a photo and we will put it on the blog we would love to see how you're styling them! 

Trend - Emmys 2010

Once again the glitterati strut their stuff on the red carpet and Carla and I have chosen our fav dresses from this years Emmys.  It continues to amaze me that the actresses and stylists who choose to be creative or a little quirky get slated by the uptight and in my opinion pointless entertainment reporters.  Why should these woman play it safe when safe is so boring?  I mean the point of the red carpet is to showcase designers and promote actors and actresses right? Kudos to all the girls that are taking a risk when they step out of their limo's and hold their heads high as they make their way into these over rated award shows. (Sorry Carla)  And let's all remember that at the end of the day it's just fashion and fashion is fun!

Carla's photos are from and
Mizzie's are from Jeff Vespa, Vince Flores/AFF, Frazier Harrison/ Getty's