What's in Her Bag - Designers Jamie and the Jones

Mizzie and I were so excited for this month's What's in Her Bag.  We love Jamie and the Jones almost to the point of obsession and we were thrilled when Jamie and Hannah said they'd share what's in their bags with us.  Since we first met them a year ago they've cranked out some seriously cool knitwear and silk pieces and are now hand-marbling & dyeing their own fabrics.  We can not wait to see what comes down the runway Tuesday night (March 29) when they open Lexus Nashville Fashion Week. What's in Jamie's Bag:


My camel satchel and enormously large passport wallet: I have an unusually large bag for such small content, but it is a great bag to hold a large sweater when I get cold.


My phone from 2002, I am guessing. It was handed down to me and sometimes doesn't receive pictures. I can text. Hannah's pen. Great for those moments when you really need a pen. Crazy laser light key chain. I plan to maybe use this when I get intruded upon.

Beauty Products:

American Apparel bandeau... Always handy to have. I don't think I could live without a bandeau.  I hate anything constricting and apparently love to have one on hand whenever needed, as I found this in my purse today. Hair Clip/ Craft Fair Earrings: I use to wear earrings a lot and a hair clip, but recently I haven't been feeling it.  Although I keep them in my purse just in case the urge comes back. Nanak's Lip Smoothee: I don't wear makeup and hate most anything on my lips, but this is a great all natural lip balm.

What's in Hannah's Bag:


Anna Corinna, circa 2005 and T.J. Maxx Floral Scarf, also circa 2005:  I've carried this bag and this scarf pretty much every single day for 6 years.  I will wear them until they develop holes...and then probably wear them still. This scarf has been with me to Paris and back.  It's like a baby blanket, but better.

iPhone and business cards:

I have failed to update this gadget and I can never remember to hand out these business cards.

Beauty Products:

Hair Brush : Really great for the afternoon dreadlocks that seem to take place on the right side of my head...daily. Benefit Betty "Flirt Alert" lipstick : I've never fully applied this to my mouth, but it is really pretty. Lip Smacker in "Dr. Pepper" lip balm : ...THIS!... is a small gem that some may have forgotten about, but I love it.

Sewing Gadgets:

Embroidery Needles, Joann's Coupon, and a bottle cap... probably self explanatory... all for a good night's worth of sewing for Jamie and the Jones.

Sugar Wallet :

I've had this pouch for quite some time.  I think it was a gift.  I'm not into much pink, but I love the lamb! License and money: It is sheer luck that both of these have made it to my wallet at the same time. Southwest Airlines Drink Coupons and a love note from my boyfriend/soul mate: Plane rides and long distance... enough said.

Thanks ladies!  You can find Jamie and the Jones collection at our March Spotlight Store, Local Honey.  And don't forget to get those Fashion Week tickets!