Style Inspiration - Olsen Twins

I know, I know The Olsen Twins are maybe not the "coolest" style inspiration, but I have to give those shaggy haired girls props for their successful giant leap from cheesy child stars to fabulous fashion icons. As Kelly Cutrone said at her event during Lexus Nashville Fashion Week, "Fashion is the biggest risk investment right now." With The Row and Elizabeth and James, these girls have firmly planted their fashion feet in an industry that most celebrities try but fail to make an impact.  I love the new jewelry from Elizabeth and James.  Wicked stuff you have to check out. Now, do I think they are in the tabloids too much?  Yes.  Do I think their weight and drug issues are cliche and controversial?  Yes.  But I can't help but love their oversized, layered slouchy style and that all they do is made better by their twin-ness.  I think Sharon Stone said it best as Dr. Georgia Keller on Will & Grace - "I'm gonna tell you what I told Mary-Kate and Ashley O. Together, you two pretty much balance each other out. Apart, you're just a couple of skinny little bag ladies with big sunglasses."Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, The Row