Lexus Nashville Fashion Week Recap

We have a confession to make.  Carla and I did not attend all the shows at Lexus Nashville Fashion Week.  Eek! I know! The hard truth of the matter is that Carla had major surgery a couple weeks before and I just had a little baby named Prudence Joie.  You'll be seeing a little more of her on the blog soon.

What we did attend we absolutely loved.  We picked our favorite pieces from the shows we saw and Christian Siriano, Steven Oo, White Rabbit and Valentine Valentine were definitely at the top of our lists.  We didn't get to see Jamie and the Jones, which we were pretty bummed about, but we've seen a few pieces from the collection at Local Honey and they're amazing!  We are so proud of our Nashville designers.  They rocked those collections!  Let's talk about Steven Oo for a minute.  This collection stopped us in our tracks.  Fashion forward but totally wearable.  We can't wait to see more from this designer.  We'll have more photos on our Facebook page soon, so you'll be able to see more images from the collections we got to see.

Another highlight was definitely Kelly Cutrone's talk at the Belcourt.  What you see on television is definitely not what you get in person.  That lady has a lot of life to share, and her dry humor and quick wit made this a very entertaining and informative afternoon.  It was really amazing to have her in town and to have her support Nashville and the event the way she did.

We have to give a huge congrats to the organizers who we know put in loooooong hours to bring Nashville a first rate Fashion Week.  They did a fantastic job.  It was an uh-mazing week and we can't wait for next year.

Carla's Top Picks

Christian Siriano, Nashville Fashion Week

From left to right:

1. White Rabbit

2. Steven Oo

3. Steven Oo

4. White Rabbit

5. Steven Oo

6. White Rabbit

7. Valentine Valentine

8. Aman Stovall

9. Valentine Valentine

Mizzie's Top Picks

nashville fashion week 2011 christian, white rabbit

From left to right:

1. Christian Siriano

2. Steven Oo

3. Christian Siriano

4. Christian Siriano

5. White Rabbit

6. Steven Oo

7. Aman Stovall

8. Steven Oo

NAshville fashion week

mizzie logan, carla antonelli