Get to Know: Designer Spotlight - Tidwell & Perryman

One of our favorite new Nashville design teams is Kevin Perryman and Luke Tidwell of Tidwell & Perryman.   Their take on vintage apparel with a modern twist has the cool factor cornered.   The line is mostly menswear, but check out the cropped plaid shirts currently residing at their shop inside Local Honey.  For those of us who endured years of Catholic schooling, don't be scared.  It's okay to embrace plaid again when it looks as rad as this.

We recently caught up with Kevin Perryman to learn more about one-half of this stellar design duo.

Your First Fashion Memory: I was on campus at Belmont University and had only known Luke for a week.  He busted out of the dorm in some bright yellow rubber pants and I was like, "yo, that dude has mad style."  I learned later that is was Luke's soccer initiation week and his teammates made him wear those pants.

Your Style in Five Words or Less: Military preppy punk mixed together.

You Couldn't Live Without: Facebook

Inspirations: Michael Gordon, founder of Bumble & Bumble, Luke Tidwell, kids' conversations on the subway, homeless people's style, Yo MTV raps, honesty, my best friend Hunter, the colors red white and blue, the Cosby Show, the East Village NYC and this blog:

Favorite Designers: Scott Sternberg's Band of Outsiders and Duckie Brown

Favorite Hangouts: "Recognize" on Tuesday nights at MAI (best party in Nashville), Tribe, Hunter's apartment, outside of a Lady Gaga concert in any city, Virago's secret spot and my bedroom.

Type of shoe or boot that best defines you: Combat boots. Every day is a battle.  I'm so deep.

Thanks Kevin!  You can find Tidwell & Perryman at Local Honey on Belmont and at Diamond Star Halo Vintage inside Fanny's House of Music in East Nashville.

Local Honey - 2009 Belmont Blvd.

Diamond Star Halo Vintage - 1101 Holly Street