Stella Spotlight: Nashville Boutique - The Perfect Pair

It's easy to miss the shops tucked in the quaint little shopping area in Green Hills called the Courtyard at Bandywood.  Trust us when we tell you, the shops here should always be on your radar.  The Perfect Pair is one of the first stores you'll find and Whitney Dunn and Casy Stribling have created a shoe oasis here.  The door is almost always open, making this shop warm and inviting before you even walk in.  Shoes line the walls and are tucked in nooks while gorgeous handbags and jewelry fill in the rest of the space.  It's beautifully merchandised making your shopping experience more of an exploration.

We caught up with Whitney and Casey and asked them a few questions about the store and what shoes we all should have in our closets this season.

1. How did you and Casey meet and what inspired you both to open The Perfect Pair?

Casey and I actually met in college through an ex-boyfriend of mine.  They knew one another at Vanderbilt.  Great things come out of some breakups!  Our inspirations for the shop came from our desire to be boutique owners and fill a void in the Nashville market. We'd shop everywhere out of town for shoes.  In traveling, we realized that Nashville really had a spot open in it's retail market for a fun, laid back accessories store.

2. Describe the vibe of the boutique in five words or less.

Laid back, funky, fun!

3. It's finally sandal weather!  What styles should we all have in our closets this Spring and Summer?

A practical, yet sexy, cork wedge or heel and something nude.  Whether a flat sandal or sky high heel, a nude shoe can disappear with a jean or peek out to say hello paired with a fun pair of shorts.  Nude shoes elongate the leg and we all love that.

4. You have some gorgeous jewelry in the store.  What are some of your favorite pieces.

Favorite jewels...this is hard.  We pick all of our jewels with such love.  I'm really into these big wood bead necklaces that are blessed by a Tibetan monk.  I also adore my stack of vintage la rose freshwater pearl bracelets with saint charms.  It's fun to wear one with my over sized man's watch or wear them all together in a big stack.

5. What jewelry and/or shoe lines that you carry are your favorites and why?

Calleen Cordero - Her handmade shoes are sexy and extremely comfortable.  I never thought I'd be able to say those two words in a sentence.  We have carried her since the day we opened our doors almost seven years ago.  She's consistent and cool.

Winifred Grace Jewelry - Her pieces can be worn during the day and many of them transition into night time or even pair with evening wear.  Swarovski crystals on oxidized silver.  They're dressy, yet edgy and a little tarnished.  Her new collection combines African trading beads, gold and waxed linen.  Just plain cool.

6. What's the best shoe advice you've ever given?

It's more than okay to build an outfit from the bottom up.  Your shoes can be like the exclamation point at the end of your outfit.

7. What type of shoe best describes each of your styles?

Whitney - I'm all across the board style wise.  There isn't one shoe that describes me.  I'm a cowboy boot and a sky high heel.  I sacrifice comfort for fashion often.

Casey - My black combat is a staple in my closet.  I'm the girl that looks at the shoe and estimates how many hours I can bare it.

8. If The Perfect Pair was a cocktail, what would it be?

A Mexican martini.  It comes in a sleek glass, a loving mix of sweet and salty, topped off with an olive accessory.  It's a mix of fancy and fun and pairs well with tacos or sushi.

9. What are five of your favorite places in Nashville?

The store, of course, our patios at our homes, Margot Cafe, Las Palmas and Percy Werner Park.

10. What inspires you?

Traveling, music, cooking, funny friends, originality in personal style and fashion blogs.

Thanks ladies! Head over to our Facebook page to view more photos from the store.

As a special discount for our readers, visit the Perfect Pair through May 15, mention you read about them on Stella Shops and take 15% off a pair of shoes!

The Perfect Pair is located at 2209 Bandywood Dr in the Courtyard at Bandywood.