What's In Her Bag - Designer Melissa Tabor

Designer Melissa Tabor has been one busy woman.  She showed a fabulous collection in March at Lexus Nashville Fashion Week and now she's preparing to show her line at Cincinnati Fashion Week next week.  When she's not designing, she may be the one helping you find the perfect pair of shoes and accessories at our April Spotlight store, The Perfect Pair! We're big fans of Melissa's very wearable collections.  Classic shapes in wonderful fabrics and always a modern flair.  It's no surprise her style icon is Grace Kelly!

We had to know what was in that fabulous Chloe Bay Bag.  Here's what Melissa had to show us...

I am a true bag lady in every sense of the term.  Handbags are my most coveted accessory and I definitely live by the principle of “the bigger the better”, because I pretty much keep everything with me at all times!

I cannot tell you how long I dreamt about owning this bag!  It is the Chloe Bay Bag from a few years ago.  I had pictures of it cut from magazines posted all around my apartment for probably 6 months.  It was and is still one of my top 5 dream items (others include—but am yet to own--Hermes Riding Boots, LV Trunk Luggage…but that’s another story).  One day my mother surprised me with it and besides swapping it out from time to time to give my other bags a little spotlight, it is most often what you will see me carrying.  You can’t beat the leather…the way it has worn in over the years is amazing.  It just seems to get more beautiful with age.  “Doctor bag style” so it fits almost anything I can throw in it and huge front and back pockets, as well as one on the interior.  Honestly one of the most well designed bags on the planet.

And this is what the bag looks like 90% of the time.  All the items I have stuffed into it spilling out in every direction (thank goodness for that Mary Poppins luggage shape).

One of my other most prized possessions—my Hermes red leather date book.  I couldn’t live without this…it is next to my computer/in my bag with me almost 100% of the time.  The inserts are amazing because I can buy an extra book for the front that is blank pages only.  I use it for business notes and of course…sketching when on the go!  It is my daily life saver.  Plus, it’s just so pretty and the perfect size.  Just big enough to fill with lots of notes, but small enough to fit in my handbags.

Lover #1 and lover #2.  Also known as my iPod and iPhone 4.  I am in love with both.  No need to even explain.  If you have these, you know what I’m talking about.

My beauty goods.  The girls at The Perfect Pair laugh about how I always leave a trail of lipsticks wherever I go.  Until they brought it to my attention I thought it was completely normal to carry around 20 tubes in ones bag.  Turns out, not so normal.  But I do—bright reds, light pinks, nudes…whatever my mood calls for, I have it ready and waiting.  My LV make up bag of on-the-go make up must haves.  Bronzer, concealer, blush, etc.  Also my perfumes (Hermes and Body Shop White Musk) and my newest favorite nail polish for touch ups (Essie color: Mink Muffs).  Most important items: Chapstick (always the classic Chapstick), glass Nail Tek nail file, and Mason Pearson travel hairbrush.  Funny thing is, I really don’t consider myself very girly, but seeing all of these items like this is definitely changing my perspective on that!

Odds and ends.  My LV card holder/key chains.  One of the greatest items I own. Perfect for someone forgetful like me.  I have everything I need—credit and insurance cards, cash, and keys.  If they weren’t attached, I would certainly forget them all the time.  Downside? If I lose one, I lose them all. Thank goodness that hasn’t happened yet.  Camera.  Always there when I need to capture a moment.  Gum.  For a girl who lives on coffee, this is a must have.  Ray Ban Clubmasters.  I always have some pair of Ray Bans with me (my absolute favorite brand of sunglasses), but these in particular are a pretty steadily worn item of mine.  Can’t beat the style and they are so comfortable.  LV cardholder with my business cards, of course.  Great to have with me for every opportunity that comes about.

Thanks for sharing Melissa!  Follow Melissa at melissatabor.com and make sure you say hi next time you're at The Perfect Pair!